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   Chapter 406 The Memory Of Vance

Love Whispers By Orange Characters: 10406

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The blue water was quiet and peaceful. The breeze gently brushed the waves, and the sparkling silver light rippled, like thousands of stars smashed into pieces and scattered in the waves.

The deck of the luxury yacht was covered with colorful rainbow rose petals.

Sara looked at these petals. The sweet honey infiltrated into her barrier, and then flowed in her heart. The night sky was shining with stars. A faint shadow was projected on Sara's face and in her eyes.

"It's not a special day today. Why are you so romantic?" She looked at Jasper with a smile.

"Of course today is a special day." Jasper gently stroked Sara's beautiful face.

"What day?" Sara was a little stunned. It was not Valentine's Day, and it was not one of their birthdays. A mysterious smile appeared on Jasper's charming face. "Today is the whole month of our formal relationship!"

Sara giggled, and her silvery voice echoed on the quiet deck. "Is this also an anniversary!"

"Why not?" Jasper smiled and pressed the button.

The melodious music came out. He held her hand and danced in the sea of flowers and under the starlight.

The silver faint light poured down, like threads, wisps of smoke and mist, blurred on the dreamlike deck.

Sara's beautiful dress was like a newly born rose bud, blooming slowly with his steps.

After the song, Jasper kissed her forehead and took out a mysterious gift. "Let's see if you like it or not."

Sara untied the ribbon and opened the gorgeous gift box. There was a cashmere lazy sheep in it.

She once mentioned that she liked lazy sheep, but he remembered it unexpectedly. Sara giggled, "I like this gift very much. Thank you, Jasper."

When she happily picked up the lazy sheep, a dazzling light shone. The light came from the lazy sheep. She just found that it was not an ordinary lazy sheep. It also had a very beautiful necklace.

It was made of crystal jasmines, each of which was made of transparent diamonds. There was a pink dove egg hanging in the middle. It was very big and was perfectly cut. Looking carefully, she found that the necklace was as pure as a mountain ravine, crystal clear as the ice in the far north, and the thick pink without a primary color was even more attractive.

"It's so beautiful!" Sara opened her eyes wide.

"Let me put it on for you!" Jasper took off the necklace and put it around her neck. The pattern of the necklace was designed by him. There were a total of 99 diamonds embedded in it, which represented what he wanted to say next. "Sara, I hope I can hold your hand and walk on until the end of time. I love you!"

Sara looked at his face. His expression was so serious, and his eyes were so sincere. She could not detect any trace of lying.

Her chest was filled with happiness and joy. She nodded drunkenly.

She made up her mind that she would seize that moment even if happiness would collapse in a short second.

"Jasper!" Sara opened her arms and hugged him tightly. "I love you too!"

The twinkling stars in the air and the diamond necklace under her neck made a perfect match. However, in Jasper's ey

ned. He had never mentioned his girlfriend, and there had never been her photo in the villa. "She is beautiful." Krystal said softly.

"She is the most beautiful woman in the world. I fell in love with her at the first sight." Vance's hoarse voice was mixed with undulating teardrops. After a long silence, he moved his finger to another man in the photo. "His name is Curry, and he is Alison's brother, and also my best friend. Beside him is his wife, Amanda. They are..." Vance choked and looked up at Krystal slightly. There was a very complicated look in his wet eyes. He circled her face with an implicit and intriguing look, as if inspecting something.

Krystal didn't dodge. She looked at him quietly and confusedly. Her pure eyes were as clear as a lake far away from the hustle and bustle.

The room became quiet again, as if she could hear his heavy heart beat and her soft breath.

After a while, Vance looked back at the photo and continued, "They are Jessie's parents." Vance said in a low and clear voice.

Krystal heart skipped a beat. Jessie was not Vance's child!

"Where? Where are they now? " Krystal asked in a very low voice.

Vance slightly moved his lower lip. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. His eyes became more blurred. He lifted the quilt and got out of bed. He staggered to the wine cabinet, poured a glass of brandy and drank it in one breath. The strong burning alcohol released his heartache like a piece of morphine. Then he turned around, leaned against the wall and fell down, with the bottle and glass in his hands.

Krystal ran over and tried to help him up, but he waved his hand and said, "Leave me alone."

After pouring a glass of wine, he slowly took a sip and turned his eyes to look out of the window. The rain kept falling on the glass window, converging into thin streams. His voice was faint and hoarse as if it was broken by rain. "They are in heaven. It's all my fault. If I drove carefully, if I didn't talk to Alison, I wouldn't have hit the truck ahead and I wouldn't kill them. "

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