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   Chapter 405 Material Girl

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"I've just crossed the poverty line and solved the problem of food and clothing. How can I have the money to dress myself?" Krystal pouted and carried her luggage out of the airport.

Sara was waiting for them in the parking lot of the Bentley. When Alina saw her car, her eyes were shining with golden light. "This car is so cool. It's a limited edition. The first lady in Q City is different!"

"Okay, sister." Krystal glared at her, "Tell me the truth, what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me in advance? "

"Of course I'm here to see you!" Alina's beautiful eyes twinkled slightly. She didn't want to tell her sister the truth. In fact, she was here to supervise a man. Recently, she had finally hooked up with a rich man. Although he was a little old, he was rich. Nowadays, there were a lot of material girls who wanted to get what they wanted without any gains. They found men, regardless of age or quality. As long as the bank deposit number was objective, they would close their eyes and rush madly like a hungry wolf pouncing on him.

This time, the rich man came to f country for business. She wanted to follow him, but he didn't agree, so she had to give up. But soon she got the news that a female star had secretly set out to seduce him and push her out. Of course, she couldn't let the star succeed, so she quietly followed him.

"Sister, haven't you taken photos recently?" Seeing that she was so idle, Krystal asked in confusion.

"Do you think the actors and actresses are like the white-collar workers in the office? I've just finished a TV series and now I'm on vacation." Alina poked Krystal's forehead angrily.

Sara looked at them and smiled. "Well, Krystal, it's not easy for Alina to come to America. We must do our best to make her have a good time."

"Sara is a sweet talker. Unlike you, you don't seem to welcome me at all." Alina glared at her sister unhappily.

"Of course I'm welcome. I just have to go to school and work. I don't have time to accompany you. I'm afraid you'll be bored staying alone!" Krystal put her arm around Alina's shoulder.

"Don't worry. I have my own arrangement. I won't disturb you." Alina smiled. She hoped that her sister would not follow her, or her secret would be exposed.

When Alina arrived at the apartment and saw Jasper, she was stunned for a minute. He was really more handsome, taller and charming than she had seen him seven years ago.

"Do you remember me? I'm Krystal's sister. We met once in the food street." Alina was so excited that her heart skipped a beat.

"Hello." Jasper greeted Alina.

Krystal pinched her sister's face to wake her up from the state of anthomaniac. "Jasper is now Sara's boyfriend." Obviously, Krystal was reminding Alina not to be daydreaming.

Alina glared at her sister and went upstairs with her suitcase.

On the other side of the city.

Opal was having afternoon tea with Carrie in the garden.

The sky was very clear, and there was no trace of primary color in the blue.

The sun shone brightly on the branches and flower tips.


hands. "Dad, Auntie Krystal, let's go to take photos of the camera."

"Okay." Krystal nodded with a smile and winked at her naughtily. The two of them dragged Vance in.

After they came out, the three of them sat down on a bench. Jessie looked at the stickers in her hands, and then intimately wrapped her arms around Krystal's neck. "Auntie Krystal, don't marry other uncles in the future. Marry my father, okay? Next time Emily comes to our house, I can show her the stickers to her and tell her that I have a beautiful mother. "

"Jessie!" Vance stopped her and said, "I've told you many times. Auntie Krystal is just father's friend, just like you and Emily in the kindergarten."

"I know. Dad's girlfriend is Auntie Opal. Dad will marry her in the future." Jessie pouted, "But Jessie doesn't like Auntie Opal, and Auntie Opal doesn't like Jessie either."

Jessie lowered her head, with her fine eyelashes blinking, and a drop of tears fell. She sniffed and made a sound of babbling. Slowly, Vance heard it clearly. It was a song.

"Poor girls. Lose mother. Lose father!"

Vance was shocked. He picked her up and put her on his lap. "Jessie, did Mariah teach you this song?"

She shook her head with tears in her eyes, "It's the nanny of Emily." She murmured.

Vance took a deep breath and felt a sharp pain in his heart. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain. Then he held the child in his arms and said, "If Jessie doesn't like Auntie Opal, I won't marry her. I don't want a little brother in the future. It's enough as long as Jessie is with me."

"Really?" Jessie looked at him pitifully.

Vance nodded heavily and stretched out his little finger. "Let's pull the hook."

Jessie finally smiled through tears. She raised her little finger and hooked him.

Looking at the father and daughter, Krystal's eyes unknowingly turned red. To be honest, looking at the attitude of Opal to Jessie, she was really worried that Opal would secretly abuse Jessie after Vance married her. In this world, there were many bad stepmother.

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