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   Chapter 403 The Plot Of Bonnie

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"Miss Krystal." Vance looked at her again. It was the first time that he looked at her so carefully.

Her long hair hung down her shoulders. She didn't have a stunning face, but there was a delicate spiritual energy that attracted people deeply.

She didn't wear any makeup. She looked up quietly, like a flawless clouds who had just come out of the hill.

However, he had seen her stubbornness, and also saw a kind and enthusiastic heart.

Yes, kind and enthusiastic!

It was the best proof of kindness and enthusiasm to love an irrelevant child so deeply?

No, she was not only kind, enthusiastic, but also thoughtful and considerate!

The night wind blew quietly, curling up her beautiful hair. The flying hair gently swept across his face, and he trembled and curled like a touched string. Then he quickly turned his face away, as if escaping from the inappropriate feelings.

"Thank you, Miss Krystal." The voice came from the bottom of his heart.

"It doesn't matter. I'll come to see Jessie next time when I'm free." Krystal smiled.

Jessie couldn't live without Krystal. Jessie called Krystal a day later. Today was Saturday, so Krystal would go to make dumplings with Jessie.

Vance went to America with his parents when he was eight. Jessie was also born in the United States. Although she actually ate the food of K Country with her father, she was not very familiar with dumplings. When she heard that Krystal would teach her to make dumplings, she was very excited.

Vance was not at home and had an appointment with a client. When he came back at noon, most of the dumplings had been made.

"Do you need my help?" Vance looked at the two with a faint smile. Recently, he came home earlier and earlier, and he was more and more fond of laughing.

"Just wait to eat." Krystal answered with a smile.

Jessie had already turned into a white faced girl, whose hands, face and clothes were covered with flour. She picked up a strange dumpling on the table and handed it to Vance. "Dad, look, this is my dumpling."

Vance gently pinched her nose which was covered with flour, "My little Jessie is so capable that you can even make dumplings." He took off his suit, rolled up his sleeves and joined them.

The joyful laughter came out from the smiling face and filled every corner of the dining room with the warm sunshine.

This seemed to be a temptation, making Vance want to go home frequently, and miss this long lost warmth more and more.

Mariah picked up the dumplings and went to cook. After a while, the aroma of the dumplings came out of the kitchen.

Dipped in the sauce made by Krystal, Vance took a bite of the dumpling and praised, "Krystal, have you learned how to cook?"

"I used to help my mother cook at home, but I'm not good at cooking." Krystal smiled and continued, "My friend's mother is very good at cooking. When I went to her house to play, I took the opportunity to learn how to cook. Now I can also cook some good dishes."

"I think your cooking skills are comparable to that of a first-class cook. Mariah h

ne on the tea table, she picked it up and looked at the chatting records inside. She was shocked and a malicious look flashed across her eyes.

A few days later, Sara received a message from Shark. He came to California and asked her out.

Sara said excitedly.

When she went out, she happened to meet Jasper.

"It's so late. Do you still want to go out?" Jasper frowned slightly.

"A friend of mine is here. Let's go out and meet." Sara replied casually.

"A man or a woman?" Jasper said warily.

"I'm in a hurry. I'll tell you when I come back." Sara patted him on the shoulder and walked out.

"Don't be too late, okay?" Jasper reminded her.

Sara turned around, smiled and got on the car.

Seeing that the car was out of sight, Jasper walked into the hall, sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. After a while, Krystal got off the car. Seeing that Sara was not there, she joked, "Don't you worry that your girlfriend will go to see netizens?" Sara went out to meet Shark and Sara told her about it.

"Netizens? Which netizen? " Jasper was shocked.

"It's Shark. They have known each other for eight years. Although they haven't seen each other for a long time, they are in a good relationship." Krystal giggled.

"Damn it!" Jasper jumped up like a needle, and his handsome face twisted in extreme nervousness. He quickly called Sara, only to find that this shameless girl had left her phone in the room.

"Damn it!" Jasper grabbed Krystal's shoulder and asked, "Do you know where she went to meet the netizens?"

"The Prestige Pub." Krystal realized that things were not going well. Seeing that Jasper jumped into the car, she also followed him.

At this time, Sara just arrived at the bar and found that she didn't take her mobile phone, so she had to find a public telephone booth to make a call.

Soon, a man came out. He was thin and tall, with brown hair and green eyes. He was different from what she had imagined. He looked at her up and down with a bit of frivolity in his eyes. "Are you the Wind of Smile?"

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