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   Chapter 398 In A Fit Of Pique

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"Ah, Parker, look! It's a shooting star!" She said softly.

In the dark night sky, a bright light streaked across the sky.

She gazed at it quietly with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth.

"Make a wish now!" Said Parker.

"Okay." Sara nodded. She prayed in her heart sincerely and seriously.

The sky was as clear as green.

She bathed in the starlight quietly, as beautiful as a fairy walking out of roses.

He looked at her quietly, lost in thought for a moment.

A breeze ruffled her hair. He raised his hand and flipped it for her. When his fingertips touched her smooth face, a current spread out from his spine.

At this moment, a low voice came from the side, "I'm looking for you everywhere. You're hiding here." He said to Sara.

Sara opened her eyes. The smile on her face disappeared when she looked at the handsome face.

"Parker, it's late. Let's go back." She turned to Park and ignored him.

Park nodded, stood up from the grass and walked towards the villa with her.

Jasper couldn't help frowning when looking at their backs.

As soon as Sara stepped into the room, he followed her in.

"What are you doing? I'm going to sleep." She snapped.

"Why are you leaving when you see me?" There was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

"It's late. I'm sleepy." Her tone was as cold as the cold wind of late autumn.

He grabbed her shoulder and said, "if you are bothered by my confession, you can tell me directly. You don't need to avoid me deliberately."

As soon as he mentioned his confession, her anger was provoked. She used her brute force to push him hard. "Why did you come to America? Why did you come to me? I don't want to see you at all. I don't want to see you for the rest of my life." She was extremely uncomfortable. The alcohol was constantly spreading in her brain, almost controlling her will. Her emotions were on the verge of exploding.

"Do you hate me so much?" His handsome face gradually twisted, and his two dashing eyebrows twisted into a straight line. A strong pain slowly overflowed from his resolute appearance, and almost drowned his entire face.

She stared at him without a blink. She felt that his injured expression and painful eyes looked so hypocritical at the moment. She felt that she had never seen through him as clearly as now. He was exactly a good actor.

"I don't know you at all. You are not my type. It's all in vain for what you done. No matter how popular you are with girls, I'm just not interested in you at all!" Her series of non-stop words, like the bullets of a submachine gun, mercilessly shot in the dead silence.

His face was as pale as a piece of paper. His eyes were wide open and burning like fire, which made his eyes red. "Okay, I know." He staggered two steps back, turned around and rushed out of the room, slamming the door. He was so powerful that the whole room was shaking. She trembled

ing I do for you is worth it." She sat up from the bed and said, "Jasper, you know… I like..."

"Bonnie!" He quickly interrupted her and didn't want her to say the following words. "Have a good rest first. I'll ask the maid to pour you a glass of hot milk."

When he turned around and was about to leave, she jumped up and hugged him from behind. "Jasper, I like you. I like you..." She kept saying these words for a long time. Last night, he didn't let her say them out. She couldn't miss this rare opportunity. She had to let him know.

He sighed, his heart filled with unspeakable bitterness. "Don't like me, Bonnie. If you like someone who doesn't like you, you will only feel painful."

"No, love is a kind of happiness, whether I can get return or not." She walked up to him and looked at him pitifully with her tearful eyes. "Jasper, can you give me a chance? We can try dating. If it's not appropriate, we can break up."

He held her shoulder and said helplessly, "Bonnie, I treat you as my friend. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. And I didn't expect too much." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I know you love Sara, but she doesn't care about you at all. I heard that she has made a lot of boyfriends. She is just seeing love as a game and can't be serious about love."

Her words were like a steel rope, strangling Jasper's most painful wound. There was a mist in his eyes. Behind the mist, there was the pain of injury. He lowered his head dejectedly, sad and dejected. His hands fell feebly, and he held the person in front of him in a fit of pique.

The door was not closed, and Krystal, who happened to pass by, saw the scene.

"Is this serious?" She pursed her lips and murmured. Crystal pulled him to a corner when he walked out of the room.

"Hey, do you want to date two girls at the same time?" She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him angrily. How could she still think highly of him.

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