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   Chapter 396 They Love Each Other

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Fortunately, before they found her, she came back to her senses and laughed at herself for her reaction just now. She rushed over the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she splashed her face with cold water until she calmed down and could face them calmly.

Krystal slowly walked back to the billiards room. Taking a few deep breaths, she decided to greet them, smile to them.

With a relaxed smile.

"Hi!" Krystal pushed the door open and whispered. She grinned.

But she didn't know it was as the same as she thought.

"Krystal?" Park turned his head and stared at her for a moment. Then he put down the bat and walked over, followed by the girl. "Park, is she your friend?"

Park nodded and introduced the girl to each other. She was a classmate of his business school, called Amelia Xu, who was also from K Country.

"Do you want to play with me?" Amelia looked at Krystal and smiled.

"No, thanks. I'm just here to say hello." Krystal waved her hand. She didn't want to be the third wheel. When she turned around and was about to leave, Park's voice came from behind, "Where is Sara? Did she come with you?"

"She should be dancing on the dance floor." Krystal shrugged. Park smiled and took her hand. "Let's go to dance with Sara."

Krystal was stunned for a moment. A current from his palm penetrated her body, making her numb and stiff. She didn't know how to respond at all. She just followed him into the dance floor.

"Park." Amelia's dissatisfied voice came from behind, and her eyes flashed with faint jealousy.

Krystal pulled out her hand in a hurry. She believed that Park must have made a mistake and mistook her for Amelia. "Park, you made a mistake. Amelia is there." As she spoke, she lowered her eyes and quickly ran into the dancing crowd.

An indescribable light flashed through Park's deep eyes. He turned around and reached out his hand to Amelia. "Let's dance together."

Amelia smiled again and held his arm.

Sara took a look at the gloomy Krystal and then looked at Park who was not far away. She deliberately sighed, "Parker, the playboy, has a new girlfriend."

Krystal pouted. Anyway, it was not her turn to do that. Probably she would never be able to be his girlfriend in her whole life.

How could Sara not see through Krystal's mind? She took Krystal's hand and walked to Park. "Parker, go to drink."

"Okay." Park smiled and followed them out of the dance floor.

Sitting on the sofa, Sara took a sip of the cocktail and said, "Parker, I remember that your girlfriend used to have red hair, but now she has black hair."

Parker raised the glass in his hand and gently clinked it with her. "I remember that your boyfriend has yellow skin, white skin, black hair, brown hair, red hair, golden hair, blue eyes, green eyes, black eyes... It seems that it has never been repeated. "

"Why is there

Then Sara shook her head and was about to go upstairs.

He came over like a tornado and held her in his arms again. He looked at her with a forced smile. "You are a genius. You can misunderstand such simple words!"

"I'm very clear that the girl you are talking about is Bonnie!" Sara raised her foot and kicked his leg angrily, trying to make him let go of her.

"Bonnie?" Jasper was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and smiled. "How do you think it's Bonnie?"

"She is your childhood sweetheart. Who else could it be if it wasn't her?" Sara stared at him sourly.

"Is there no one else?" Jasper pinched her chin. It seemed that this little genius was totally confused about love.

"So there are other girls around you besides Bonnie?" She was going crazy. It turned out that this guy was as playful as Parker!

Jasper sighed and held her face. "I only like one girl, not Bonnie or anyone else. She is the little fool standing in front of me now."

Sara trembled violently. His low and gentle voice seemed to have a strong current passed from her ears to her heart, making her heart beat violently.

She felt a little dizzy. She couldn't believe that the man in front of her was not real, but there was no trace of perfunctory, cheating or joking in his expression. Only the most sincere and affectionate emotion showed.

He loved her? Then why did he take away Bonnie in the mountain forest?

Mommy Sophia once said that a friend in need was a friend in need. Her relationship with Daddy Lucas was strengthened and sublimated in one setback, plot and predicament after another, until their hearts were integrated and could no longer be separated.

Sometimes, people didn't really know their own feelings. Only when they were in danger, the most real emotions in their hearts would suddenly burst out.

He held Bonnie's hand and left her alone in the pack of wild wolves.

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