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   Chapter 394 Handsome Boy Next Door

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"Mind reading skill!" Sara said word by word.

James was shocked and a muscle on his face twitched slightly. "Then tell me what I'm thinking now."

"You are thinking that I am so unlucky today that I was seen through all of a sudden." Sara said slowly while drinking coffee.

"If women are so smart, they will not be funny at all!" James shocked and smiled.

Sara pursed her lips and looked at him seriously. "Sir, this is the clinic, not an amusement park. If you want to play, turn right when you go out. There is a park one kilometer away. You can have fun inside, but don't affect my work here."

James stood up from the sofa and walked up to her. He put his hands on the table and leaned his face close to hers. "But I'm here for you."

"Do we know each other?" Sara frowned and felt confused.

"Let me introduce myself. My surname is Shen, and my another name is Barth. I have a uncle called Lucas, and a cousin called Sara."

"Barth?" Sara was a little stunned, but then she grinned and said, "I remember that you are the devil who came from the United States with my uncle and turned the whole Maud Villa upside down on my grandfather's sixty birthday party."

John smiled awkwardly, "That was when I was a child."

"I think you haven't changed at all. You still like to play tricks." Sara chuckled, "Didn't you go to Yale University? Why don't you stay there to continue your study, why do you come to Stanford? "

"I've played with all the beautiful girls in Yale. It's boring. I've heard that there are a lot of beautiful girls in Stanford University. Of course I'll come here to have fun." Barth snickered.

Sara sighed deliberately. "Ah, there is a devil here. It seems that I have to prepare a big speaker tomorrow to remind the beauties in Stanford."

"I think they must be flocking to me as soon as your advertisement is released." Barth made a face.

Sara looked at her watch. It was time to get off work. She had dinner with Barth outside. After that, Barth drove her Bugatti to send Sara back to the apartment. However, when the car stopped in front of Sara's apartment, he was shocked. "You live here?"

"Yes." Sara nodded.

"Really? What a coincidence! I live next to you." Barth pointed to the house with two stories on the right.

Sara was stunned. Last night, Krystal excitedly ran over and told her that a handsome man had moved in next door. It turned out that it was him! With a playful look, she patted on Barth's shoulder and said, "Cousin, you must have inquired about it before you came here. You know that our community is the most famous beautiful community in Stanford."

"Oh?" Barth raised his beautiful thick eyebrows slightly, "I'm so lucky!"

Sara smiled and opened the door, inviting Barth to have coffee and to meet her roommate. Anyway, they would be neighbors from now on.

As soon as Sara got out of the car, she saw a tall figure standing at the door. He seemed to be waiting for her on purpose.

However, at this moment, his silvery purple eyes

n, which aroused all her greediness. She stood up unconsciously and sneaked into the dining room.

Jasper put a plate of delicious spaghetti with meat paste in front of her. "Have a try and see if it tastes good."

Sara stared at him, lost in thought for a moment. It was hard to imagine that this man, who had always been supreme and powerful, would personally cook spaghetti for her. "Jasper, why are you so good to me?"

Jasper drew a secret smile at the corners of his charming mouth. "I'm not serving without pay. I need return."

"What do you mean?" Sara was slightly stunned.

"I only cook for my woman. If you eat what I cook, you will be my woman!" Jasper looked at her with his silvery purple eyes glimmering.

Her two cheeks turned red slightly. "Krystal has eaten the food you cooked. Isn't she your woman?"

Jasper was choked by his words. "I just want to take care of her by the way." He reached out his hand and pinched her chin. "Remember, from now on, don't get too close to the man. I'm the only one in your eyes and heart! I will be your first boyfriend, and also the last one. As for the eighteen ex-boyfriends, forget them. "

Sara was shocked. How could he know that she had eighteen boyfriends in total?

"Jasper, have you hired someone to investigate me?"

"I'm not investigating. I'm just concerned. I just want to know your situation." He narrowed his eyes and smiled mysteriously.

Sara took a deep breath. For the first time, she found that this guy was so scheming and cunning. It was obvious that he had been premeditated for a long time!

She gave him a ferocious look and ate the spaghetti on the plate angrily.

Oh my God! It was so delicious!

Sara's stomach was immediately bought off, and she mobilized thousands of greedy insects to her brain. In a moment, all the anger gathered in it disappeared.

"Is it delicious?" Jasper looked at her affectionately.

Sara nodded her head repeatedly, but she was too busy to respond to him for the time being.

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