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   Chapter 388 Not The End (Part Two)

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When Lucas and Sophia returned to the Royal Palace, they heard that Edward took the children to the woods for hunting, so Lucas and Sophia hurried over with some people.

The searching team found Bonnie first. According to the guidance of Bonnie, they found Jasper. Finally, they found Edward who was in a coma in a big pit. It seemed that Edward fell into the trap of the hunter and fainted while chasing the hare.

Unfortunately, they searched the whole night, but still couldn't find Sara.

Jasper was on the verge of breaking down. He didn't eat or drink, running around in the forest and wouldn't stop for even a minute.

The strong guilt and pain wrapped Jasper tightly, making him unable to breathe and almost suffocate.

Lucas patted Jasper on the shoulder and said, "Go back to have a rest. The mountain forest is so big that it's not a good idea to look for her aimlessly." Now that Jasper had heard the gunshot, Sara must have been taken away by others.

The second day, when they returned to the Royal Palace, Kai sent Lucas an email. He had found out the real controller of the secret research base.

Looking at the e-mail, Lucas' eyes became deeper. Sophia stood behind Lucas. A sharp lightning flashed over her mind, and her whole body convulsed violently. The cruel answer made her incredulous.

The police and royal guards were still looking for Sara. It must have something to do with that person.

"It's time to see him." With a sneer, Sophia put on her mask, turned into Eva and rushed to the hospital.

By this time, Edward had already woken up.

Sophia glanced at the guard at the door and said lightly, "Please go in and inform Edward. My name is Eva, a good friend of the prince. I'm here to visit him."

The guard came out soon after he entered and invited Sophia in.

Sophia locked the door.

She walked up to Edward and stared at his eyes without blinking. Then a hint of fear quietly swept across her face.

"Long time no see. Are you okay?" Edward said with a faint smile, looking a little haggard.

Sophia sat on the chair and asked, "Do you want to eat oranges?" Without waiting for his answer, she picked up the orange on the bedside table and peeled it slowly. "Yesterday morning, I just got a news that your nanny Mrs. Derwent died."

"What did you say?" Edward's handsome face convulsed violently. "How did she die?" His voice was trembling uncontrollably. It seemed that he had no idea of the death of Mrs. Derwent.

"He was drowned in the flower pool. Maybe she was too happy to see you at the banquet, so she drank too much and accidentally fell into the flower pool." Sophia peeled the orange as she spoke, "At the banquet, she was very happy to see you, as if she hadn't seen you for a long time."

Edward couldn't help clenching his fists, blue veins rolling on his forehead. His eyes were burning with anger, and even his eyes were red.

Sophia opened the peeled orange, took a piece and put it to his mouth

But you and she have underestimated the relationship between me and Lucas. We both have a wonderful telepathy to each other. Even if we close our eyes, we can find each other in the crowd. He has long believed that Eva is Sophia. How could he be deceived by a woman who is just similar in appearance? " Sophia paused and the smile at the corners of her mouth deepened. "But I still have to thank you. I used to believe all your words without doubt. I thought that I really had a plastic surgery and was really a substitute for Sophia. All the shadows of Bluewater Villa and Lucas in my dream were because I had been imitating Sophia. The appearance of Sophie made me doubt my identity. I secretly took the gene extract of myself and the children to the hospital for a paternity test. The result shows that I am their mother, the real Sophia. "

"So you are lying to me later. You pretended to take revenge on Lucas in order to make me relax my vigilance, right?" Edward's eyes were filled with a touch of sadness. "Were you also perfunctory to me when we were on the island? Didn't you have any feelings for me?"

"What kind of feelings should I have for a person who took me and insulted me by dirty means?" Sophia sneered. She couldn't tell him the truth yet. She couldn't let him know that the person he forcibly took over the island at night was actually Sophie, not her. Otherwise, he would be so angry that he would never help her stop Carla's action and save Sara.

"I know you will hate me, but I don't regret it." Edward looked at her without a blink. "The four months we spent together were the happiest time since my parents died. It's worth it even if I have to exchange my life for it." He paused for a moment and smiled. "Besides, you have my brand in your body. You will never forget me all your life."

"I will hate you all my life!" Sophia said through gritted teeth.

"It doesn't matter. It's better to hate me than to forget me!" Edward said with a sad smile.

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