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   Chapter 386 Not The End (Part One) (Part One)

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Annie looked at them and smiled. "It was only a few months. Mrs. Derwent is so excited."

Hearing her words, Lucas' eyes flashed with an extremely sharp light.

Sophia's attention was also focused on the two of them. In the middle of the banquet, she walked up to Edward and said, "I've heard of you for a long time. It's better for me to see you here."

"Oh?" Edward raised his eyebrows, with a very deep smile on his face. "I have heard of the name of Mrs. Mo for a long time. Today I see you. You are really a legendary woman! Mr. Lucas is so lucky to have so many women loving him. " It sounded like a praise, but in fact, it was a criticism.

Sophia quivered slightly and raised her eyes to look into his eyes. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and a violent tremble spread from her back to her whole body. However, she hid it well and didn't show it obviously. She smiled at Edward and turned to Lucas.

"What did you talk to your old friend?" Lucas asked half-jokingly.

"He is Eva's old friend. It has nothing to do with me." Sophia shrugged.

After the banquet, Sophia and Lucas went back to their room.

Sophia squeezed two glasses of orange juice and pulled Lucas to sit down on the sofa.

"Can you tell me more about the throne battle ten years ago?"

Lucas glanced at her and remained silent for a moment. Then he said slowly, "Edward and Carla's father used to be the prince of M Country, but unfortunately, both his parents died in a flying accident. After that, the old king didn't appoint a new prince until he died of a heart attack. According to the rules of the royal family of M Country, both Carla and Philip were qualified to inherit the throne, and the ministers of the cabinet were divided into two factions. Philip is a playboy. He doesn't have much interest in the throne, but when a person is pushed to the top of the tornado, it's difficult to retreat. "

Taking a sip of the orange juice, Lucas continued, "In several fights, Philip was at a disadvantage. Carla is cruel and merciless. He doesn't care about family affection at all and wants to kill Philip. Later, he set a trap to imprison Philip. Annie came to me for help. I found Philip with my men. He was at his last gasp. After that

"Well, let's get down to business." Sophia rubbed his nose and said, "Do you know the difference between Edward and Carla?"


"Eyes." Sophia smiled and said, "Edward's eyes are silver green, while Carla's eyes are light green. I just chatted with Edward at the banquet to confirm this point."

"What color of Edward's eyes did you see at the banquet?" Lucas asked with a smile.

"Light green." "But I can't completely rule out the influence of the light, because I'm not familiar with them after all. I think Mrs. Derwent must have seen them clearly!" said Sophia affirmatively. She stressed the word "familiar" on purpose.

Lucas smiled, "Okay, let's go to Mrs. Derwent tomorrow to confirm with her."

It was getting dark.

A bright moon hung high in the sky, and the bright light enveloped the Royal Garden in a dreamy color.

Jasper took Sara to stroll in the garden, bathed in the moonlight and stepped on the stars.

Jasper suddenly turned around and reached out his hand to Sara. "Miss Sara, you are so beautiful tonight. Can I invite you to dance?"

Sara smiled, revealing two charming dimples. She raised her hand and put it on the back of his hand. "How can we dance without music?"

"Let me sing." Jasper hummed softly. His voice was very magnetic, low and deep. Sara hummed and danced with him under the shade of the flowers. Her beautiful dress brushed past the branches of the flowers, causing petals to fall one after another. They fell on her skirt edge.

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