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   Chapter 385 The First Encounter Of A Rival In Love (Part Two)

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He called Sophia and arranged for the three children. After that, Sophia secretly entered M Country with Sara.

Just as Sara was about to act alone, the Black Tulip suddenly returned to the earth. It was going to bring Sara to a real battle.

The secret research base was built underground and entered from an abandoned mine. Kai's hacker system quickly invaded the main control program of the base. Before it was discovered by the other party, they had half an hour.

The base had five guards in all directions, and the hacker system could cut off their contact temporarily. Of course, for the peerless steal, dealing with these guards was just a piece of cake. Soon, they sneaked into the virus research center without being noticed.

According to the instructions of the biology, the research base named the virus "Annihilator No. 1". The Black Tulip look

erwent is also here? The queen is so considerate. Then I will go to greet her." Edward smiled deeply. When he turned around and left, Annie sighed slightly. "I know that he hasn't let go of what happened in the past for so many years. But it's the first time that he said it so frankly."

"If you hold back your anger for too long, you will get sick. If you vent it, it may dissipate." Said Lucas thoughtfully.

Just then, the sound of teacup broken on the ground came from a corner of the banquet hall, followed by the scream of Mrs. Derwent "You… You... " She stared at Edward with horror.

Edward held her with an exaggerated smile on his face. "Nanny, are you too excited because you haven't seen me for a long time?"

"Yes… It is... " Mrs. Derwent stopped being scared and reached out her hand to touch Edward's face. "My child, I miss you so much!"

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