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   Chapter 384 The First Encounter Of A Rival In Love (Part One)

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Looking at the painful expression on Sophia's face, John quickly stood up and held her, "what's wrong, Sophia? Does your belly hurt?"

Sophia covered her belly and said, "maybe it's going to be born."

"I'll call my brother." Ellie took out her phone in a hurry to inform Lucas. Mary drove the car here, and John helped Sophia get on the car.

As soon as Lucas received the phone call from Ellie, he rushed to the hospital at a rocket speed. The time was just right. The moment he entered the delivery room, the little princess he had been looking forward to for a long time was born.

Holding this pink chubby ball in his arms, Lucas, who had got his wish, held her all day long. "She is so beautiful. Sophia, she looks exactly like you."

Sophia smiled at him and took the baby over. It's time to feed her.

With his eyes wide open, Kami looked at the little girl in her mother's arms and said, "she's so young."

"When you were just born, you were as young as her and grew up slowly." Lucas smiled and stroked his son's head. As they were twins, they were even younger than this sister when they were born.

"We must protect our little sister. No one can bully her." Teddy had already become a big brother.

Lucas named the little princess Naomi Mo.

After leaving the hospital and returning to Bluewater Villa, the children went around their little sister as soon as school was over. They changed diapers and fed milk, so that their parents didn't need to do anything.

Two months passed, and Naomi had grown a lot.

After school, the four kids rushed to the baby room to see her.

"You two should be gentle. Don't hurt her." Sara kept reminding the two brothers who were changing diapers.

"Don't worry, Sara. I'm very careful." Kami carefully lifted the baby's leg and put the diaper under it, and Teddy helped him.

Jasper was boiling milk next to them, the little princess had to drink milk.

Of course, Sara was responsible for feeding her. She was experienced. She often helped Mommy feed them when Kami and Teddy were born. After the meal, she let the little baby lean on her shoulder and burp her skillfully.

"Sara, you must be a good mommy in the future," she said with a smil

, baby." Sophia hugged her and said, "don't worry. Let adults do it."

"Boss have given me all his skills. No one can do better than me. I want to help Jasper. Let me have a try, okay?" Sara asked.

Lucas kept silent for a long time. He touched Sara's head and said, "you go to help Jasper pack up his luggage first and let me think about it."

After she left, Sophia closed the door and said in a low voice, "Sara is still young. It's too dangerous for her to go there. Try to contact the Black Tulip first."

Lucas nodded.

On the early morning of the second day, Lucas boarded the plane with Jasper. He had to go back to perform the mission of Prince.

Of course, this action was also a secret, in case someone took the opportunity to plot against him.

In the Royal Palace, Annie was anxiously waiting for her son. When she saw Lucas, she was full of gratitude. "Thank you, Lucas. Thank you for coming back with Jasper."

"Of course I will hand him over to you in person." Lucas held her shoulder and said, "take me to see Philip."

In the sterile ward of Royal Hospital.

Lucas looked at Philip through the glass. He looked rather weak and had completely lost consciousness.

For the next few days, Lucas tried to contact the Black Tulip, but it seemed to evaporate from the earth to the outer planet, without any trace.

In the cabinet, the disagreements among the ministers were getting worse and worse. It seemed that they couldn't wait any longer.

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