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   Chapter 383 Friendship (Part Two)

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"I hope he can recover soon." Sophia rested her head on his shoulder.

On the second day, Parker came to pick up Sara to watch a movie.

Seeing Lucas and Sophia, Parker greeted them politely, "Hello, Uncle, Auntie!"

"Parker, come and have some fruits." Sophia asked Parker to sit on the sofa and asked the maid to bring a fruit platter.

Jasper came in from the garden with Kami and Teddy. He looked at Parker up and down carefully.

Parker was also a handsome young boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes. His features were delicate, handsome and heroic, clear and elegant, full of the demeanor of the Jiang clan.

"Are you waiting for Sara?" Asked Jasper.

"Yeah." Parker nodded.

"Which cinema are you going to?" Jasper's deep eyes twinkled slightly.

"Eternal Love Theater." Parker replied.

"Gold Sun Square?"

"Yeah." Parker nodded, "I wanted to book a VIP room, but Sara said that it would be interesting to see it with you, so I booked the hall."

"Parker, what movie are you watching?" Asked Kami.

"Guardians of the Galaxy."

"Wow, Teddy and I want to see it too." Kami clapped her hands. Science fiction was their favorite.

While they were talking, Sara went downstairs. She wore a light yellow Rome style vintage long dress, and her slightly curly long chestnut hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall.

"Wow, Sara is so beautiful!" Teddy gave her a thumbs up.

Looking at Sara, Jasper's eyes flashed and an indescribable light floated over his eyes.

Parker's eyes widened. When Sara walked up to him, he stood up from the sofa in a daze. "Sara, you are so beautiful. I thought I saw an angel."

Sara smiled and said, "let's go, Parker."

"Okay!" Parker bent his arm like a gentleman. Sara held his arm gracefully, glanced at Jasper from the corner of her eyes, and walked out with Parker.

Looking at the backs of the two, Jasper's eyes flashed with an extremely cold light. He walked up to Kami, Teddy and asked, "Do you also want to see this film?"

"Yes, we do!" They nodded.

"Okay, I'll take you there." Jasper put his arm around the shoulders of the two.

"Great!" Teddy clapped her hands and turned to look at Sophia and Lucas, asking for their permission. "Can we go, daddy and Mommy?"

"Certainly." Sophia smiled. If she guessed right, Jasper didn't mean that.

Seeing the children walk out of the hall, Lucas had a playful smile on his face. "It seems that we really have the possibility to become relatives by marriage with Philip."

In the Eternal Love Theater.

As soon as Sara and Parker sat down, Jasper came in with Kami and Teddy. Coincidentally, their seats were just behind Sara and Parker.

"Sara!" Kami called her in a low v

ies and refused to contact each other. While some people were still good friends, cared for each other and helped each other. People always said that there was no true friendship between men and women. Otherwise, if they really loved and cherished each other, they would not care about who was right and who was lost. Even if love had changed, friendship would still be maintained between each other and would never change for the rest of their lives.

While she was thinking, a tall figure appeared in front of her. At first, she thought it was an illusion, but when she heard the childish voice of Selina calling "aunt", she found that it was really John.

"What brings you here today?" She smiled.

"The design drawing has been completed. Of course I have to take the opportunity to rest for a few days to accompany my wife and children, or else Ellie will be angry." John smiled.

Ellie glared at her coquettishly. She was not a little woman who could not bear loneliness!

Sophia pulled Selina over and gave her a piece of dessert. While eating, she walked to her two favorite cousins and said, "brother, play ball."

They stood up, held her hand and taught her how to play baseball. Sophia asked John and Ellie to sit down and have afternoon tea.

Looking at the big belly of Sophia, Ellie asked, "Is the baby going to be born soon?"

"The expected date of childbirth is approaching. I guess it will only take two days." Sophia shrugged.

"Then you can go to the hospital and stay there. Be safe." John took a sip of tea.

"It's boring to stay in the hospital. It's more convenient to stay at home." With a smile, Sophia felt a little sore in her waist. Perhaps it was because she had sat for too long that she was about to stand up and walk. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from her belly.

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