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   Chapter 379 The Education Of Children (Part Two)

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When Sherry's mother heard that the head teacher was going to fire Sherry, she trembled with anger. "How dare you fire Sherry? You don't want to stay at school, do you?" She looked at the door and said, "Where is your dean? Didn't you go to call her? Where is she? Why hasn't she come yet? I want to complain you!"

"What a coincidence! The dean is not in the office now. If she is, I believe she will deal with it as well." The head teacher sneered.

Sherry's mother was furious. It was the first time that someone dared to disobey her. "I'll call the principal right now and ask you to get out of here. And..." She turned to Sara and said, "Call your parents. You let Sherry drink the dirty water in the bathroom. Her health is seriously threatened. I'll take her to the United States for a full physical examination. Your family has to bear all the expenses and mental damage compensation. Besides, you and your parents must apologize to Sherry immediately! Let me tell you, our family is not someone you can afford to offend. "

Sara looked at her seriously. "Auntie, I think it's Sherry who should apologize. My daddy once said that people are equal. We can't think that we are superior to others just because we are born and have a good family. It's moral quality and behavior that can really distinguish the difference, not money and status. "

"That's great!" The head teacher applauded excitedly. "No wonder he is the master in Q City. He can say such reasonable and educated words. I must record them and use them as the words and deeds of our class!" The head teacher's flattery was loud.

When Sherry's mother heard the key words, she was stunned for a moment. "The first young master of Q City? What does it have to do with him? "

The head teacher raised his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "The first young master of Q City is the father of Sara."

"What?" Sherry's mother trembled with fear, her face pale and her eyes almost popped out. Now she understood why the head teacher became so bold that he didn't even respect her.

"Mrs. Li, are you sure you want to inform Sara's parents?" The head teacher asked deliberately.

Sherry's mother was like a deflated ball, and her arrogance completely disappeared. "Forget it, forget it. They are all children. It's normal for them to fight." Then she took Sherry's hand and walked out of the office.

The head teacher walked up to Sara and said, "Sara, don't worry. I will report it to the headmaster and seriously punish Sherry. I will give you justice."

In the evening, Sherry's father came to apologize to Sophia with his daughter. Sophia knew that he was not because his daughter really did something wrong, but because he was afraid of the power of the Mo family. Sophia did

got the position."

"It's all destiny." With a faint smile, Sophia took a sip of juice and continued, "Recently, there are a lot of gossips in the entertainment circle. You should be very busy, right?"

With a weird smile, Jay took out his camera from his backpack and said, "I've caught a big news recently, which must cause a sensation throughout the country."

"What news?" Sophia took his camera and looked through it.

"As the saying goes, if you do something, there is one day you they will be exposed. I was supposed to go to France on a holiday, but I didn't expect to be photographed on big news. If a man doesn't cheat on you, the cat won't eat fish. " Jay's face was full of complacency. This time, he hit the headlines again.

Sophia shook her head and smiled. It was strange that a one cell male animal could control their bodies. Sophia casually looked through the photos Jay had secretly taken, and suddenly her eyes froze. She enlarged the photo, and a look of shock quietly flashed through her eyes.

"Jay, can you lend this photo to me?"

"Okay, but you have to keep it a secret. Don't let others know and steal the headline from me." Jay chuckled.

"Don't worry. You are so loyal to me. I will inform you first if there is a headline in the future." Sophia patted him on the shoulder.

After returning to the Bluewater Villa, she put this photo in front of Lucas.

"Look at this corner. Who was photographed by accident?"

Lucas looked at the photos carefully, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. "This woman is really everywhere."

"It doesn't matter where she is. The most important thing is who she is with!" A sharp light flashed through Sophia's eyes. "I didn't expect it to be him!"

"I'll ask Jerry to look into it." Lucas said in a low voice, his eyes deepening in the night.

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