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   Chapter 378 The Education Of Children (Part One)

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Her mother rushed to the school as soon as she heard that her daughter was bullied.

When the head teacher knew this, he called Sara over to ask about the situation.

"What's your name? Which class did you come from?"

"My name is Sara. I'm from the talent department." Sara replied respectfully. Daddy Lucas had said that she should respect teachers.

"The talent department?" The head teacher was shocked. It was the first time that a student from the talent department had come to the middle school for an audition.

"What does your family do?" The head teacher asked. All the students of Ivy School had their own backgrounds. He had to ask them clearly before deciding how to deal with it.

"Teacher, it has nothing to do with my family. It's my personal behavior." Sara waved her hand. Daddy Lucas had told her not to reveal her identity.

"The bandits are so rude. She must be from upstart families." Sherry's mother rolled her eyes at Sara.

The head teacher didn't say anything. He looked at Sara up and down and asked, "Are you a foreigner?"

"I'm half French and half Q City." Sara replied honestly.

"It's not easy for upstarts to go abroad these days!" Sherry's mother spat on the ground.

The head teacher ignored her. He had been taught in Ivy School for so many years and had learned the ability to judge people's identity. This little girl was elegant and extraordinary. She was absolutely not born in an ordinary rich family.

He raised his black frame glasses on the bridge of his nose and asked, "It's your first audition today. Why did you fight with Sherry?"

"Teacher, I didn't want to fight with her. She smashed my stationery box, stepped on my hand and wetted my whole body. In order to protect myself and stop her attack, I had no choice but to fight." Sara replied.

"Sara, don't be the villain who complains first. Who allows you to steal my seat?" Sherry glared at her with her hands on her hips.

"Sherry, our school is a free table, and as long as both sides agree, we can be at the same table. But Jasper doesn't want to be at the same table with you, because you either pass him a short note or put a love letter in his book. This inappropriate behavior seriously affects his study, so he wants to sit with me." Sara said slowly.

The head teacher looked at Sara and took a deep breath. The students in the talent

led Sherry to besiege Sara. However, the two of them were no match for Sara. They were kicked to the ground and couldn't move after two kicks.

When the head teacher pushed the door open and rushed in, Sherry and her mother were crying and getting up from the ground.

At the sight of her head teacher, Sherry's mother hobbled over. "This girl is simply crazy. Leaving her at school is harmful to the safety of other students."

"Mrs. Li!" The head teacher's tone turned from serious, "Did you beat and scold Sara while I was away? Do you know that you have committed the crime of intentional injury? I have to report it to the president of the school and deal with it seriously. "

"I'm teaching her on behalf of her parents. Such a wild child from a nouveau riche should be taught strictly!" Sherry's mother was infuriated by the head teacher's words.

"You should be strict with your daughter, Sherry. The responsibility lies entirely on Sherry. She not only broke Sara's stationery box first, but also poured ice water on Sara. This kind of personal injury is absolutely not allowed in our school. And as far as I know, Sherry has always been domineering in class, bullying weak students. Many parents have responded to me that such behavior is intolerable, so I have to report to the principal and expel Sherry from the school! " The head teacher said seriously. In fact, he had already known what Sherry had done. But in this class, Sherry had the biggest background and was not easy to deal with. He could only turn a blind eye to it. But now the situation changed.

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