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   Chapter 367 I Finally Found You (Part Two)

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In the attached photo, a woman was standing on the beach with a big belly. Although she was only on the side, Lucas recognized her at a glance, she was Eva, actually, she was Sophia.

At the bottom of the photo, there were a few tiny words: the islands of Fiji.

The raging flames made Lucas's eyes red. His handsome face twisted into a ferocious mass in pain, and he felt a splitting headache. It seemed that a sharp dagger was twisting in his body, breaking his heart into pieces, and his internal organs into bloody muddy flesh.

He rushed into the bathroom and buried his head in the basin. The coldness and suffocation made his swelling and burning heart begin to shrink.

She had kept her promise to him. Even if she was forcibly occupied and defiled, she was still brave and strong to live. She was waiting for him, waiting for him to save her out of that hell.

I'm coming, Sophia. Wait for me. I'm coming!

A few days later, on the island.

Grey came again. But judging from his amiable face, it seemed that he was not here to provoke, but to seek peace.

"Well, dear brother, I've thought it through. Since you've decided to leave Dark, I won't force you anymore." He grinned exaggeratedly, "but now that my identity has been exposed, I can't pretend to be you to issue orders anymore. I have thought about it for a while. Why don't you go back with me and officially pass the position of Boss to me in front of everyone. I promise that you will rest assured to take care of your wife and children here in the future, and I will never disturb you again."

"Do you really think so?" Nil raised his eyebrows, with some doubts in his eyes.

"Of course, we are brothers. We can't kill each other because of a woman, right?" Grey shrugged.

Nil didn't suspect anymore. Before he returned to H country, he left a pistol and a satellite phone number to Sophia. "Call me immediately if anything happens."

Sophia nodded.

Two days later, at night, the roar of a helicopter came from outside when she was lying on the sofa and watching TV comfortably.

Why did he come back so soon?

She stood up and walked to the window. She opened the curtain and saw three helicopters, three yachts and so on.

Her heart jolted.

'what's going on? Are we going to fight?'?

Was it because of the intention of grey to lure Nil away so that he could send someone to kill her?

She was pregnant, so she didn't need such a crowded strategy.

She immediately ordered the servants and Sophie to hide. She turned off all the lights in the house and turned off the electricity, hiding in a dark corner upstairs.

In the hall, the door was kicked open with two gunshots. Four tall and strong men in black came in, and the others guarded the dock to prevent a fly from flying out.

Sophia tried

eat! Mommy is back. And she is pregnant." Sara clapped her hands happily.

"Do you think it's a little sister or a little brother?" Kami asked Teddy.

"I'll ask the baby." "I'm your brother. Can you hear me? Are you a little sister or a little brother?" After saying that, he put his little ear close to her, pretending to listen, and nodded two times from time to time. "Okay, I know. She said she was a little sister."

Looking at her lovely son, Sophia giggled, "Mommy also hope it's a little sister, so that the princess room that daddy has prepared for a long time can be used."

"Yes." Lucas smiled and looked at the children, "you three follow me to clean up the room." He had decided to accept this little life. From now on, she was his daughter, and had nothing to do with that bastard Nil.

In the evening, when she returned to her room, Sophia lay on the big bed that she hadn't seen for a long time. She happily sighed and said, "I'm finally back home."

Lucas held her hand and said, "if I can't find you again, I'll probably go crazy."

"I'm sorry, Lucas." Sophia lowered her head. In fact, she had the chance to inform him, but in the end, she gave up. She still wanted to know more about the relationship between Nil and Grey. Then she told him everything she knew. However, Lucas, didn't know grey, nor did he know the enmity between them.

"Maybe he is a lunatic with persecutory delusion. He ran out of the mental hospital and hasn't taken medicine for a long time." Lucas said through gritted teeth.

A touch of contemplation flashed through Sophia's eyes. "I suspect that the person who sent you the e-mail is Grey. Since he can't kill me, he just revealed my information to you and asked you to take me away, so that Nil will return to Dark."

"That's possible." Lucas snorted, "anyway, I have to thank him for letting me find you."

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