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   Chapter 365 Helen Of Troy (Part Two)

Love Whispers By Orange Characters: 9368

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She called Sophie in front of her and asked, "can you swim?"

"Yes, I will." Sophie nodded.

Eva took out a mask of a man's face from and told her the plan.

On the second day, Sophie deliberately sneezed in front of Nil. As soon as Nil saw her catch a cold, he immediately asked her to be isolated, fearing that she would infect Sophia with the cold virus.

In the evening, Sophia leaned against the sofa and watched the newly bought Hollywood movie. Nil took care of her considerately. He sometimes sent juice, sometimes fruits and snacks.

Sophia touched her swollen belly and asked, "do you still have the avocado you bought last time?"

"Let me have a look." Nil went to the kitchen and came back soon. "No. do you want to eat?"

"Forget it." Sophia pouted. She looked very depressed.

"I'll buy it for you now." Nil stood up.

"No, thanks. It's so late. I guess the fruit store has already closed." Sophia stopped him.

"It's not a big deal." Nil bent over and held her belly. "My baby wants to eat avocado. Daddy must buy it for him." After saying that, he stood up, kissed her forehead and walked outside.

Hearing the sound of helicopter going away, Sophia began to look at her watch. When it was about time, she stood up and called the maid to accompany her to the seaside.

The street lamps lit up the beach. When the two of them walked to a group of reef, a black shadow flashed out from behind a large reef. He was covered in darkness from head to foot, and could only see a face indistinctly.

"Who are you?" The maid screamed in horror.

A ferocious smile appeared on the man's face. He suddenly pulled out a sharp dagger from his body. "Eva, I'm here to send you to God!"

"Run! Call someone over!" Eva yelled at the maid. The maid was stunned for a moment, turned around and ran backward. While running, she screamed, "Help! Someone wants to kill Mistress!"

After a while, she ran out with the other two people in the house with sticks.

On the beach, Sophia was fighting with a man. She grabbed the dagger from the man's hand and stabbed it into his stomach. Blood gushed out at once. The man wailed, covered his stomach and ran to the sea. Soon he disappeared in the waves.

"Madam, are you okay?" The maid looked at her nervously.

Sophia threw the bloody dagger into the sea. "He was stabbed by me. I guess he will drown soon." After saying that, she covered her belly with her hands and groaned, "my belly hurts. Help me in."

The servants helped her into the room and lay on the bed.

An hour later, Nil came back. The maid quickly told him what had just happened.

Nil threw the avocado in his hand and rushed upstairs.

Tears welled up in Eva's eyes when she saw him. He ran to the bedside and held her in his arms. The excessive tension

e your little baby to be healthy."

Sophia touched her swollen belly and slowly stood up. Nil helped her to sit on the sofa and said, "wait for a second." He went upstairs and soon went downstairs. He gave her a satellite phone, "I'll be away for a few days. If you need anything, just contact me with this phone!"

"Are you going to find your brother?" Sophia shocked.

Nil's expression was extremely serious. "This matter has to be solved. I can't let him hurt you and our child again."

"Nil!" She hugged him and said, "forget it, please. If you go to find him, he will be angrier and hate me more. I don't know what he will do next!"

"I will kill him!" Nil said through gritted teeth.

Sophia held his face and said, "you won't. He is your brother and you can't do anything to him. Why don't we leave here and go to a place where he can't even find us. We will wait for the baby to be born quietly. What do you think?"

Nil sighed. This was probably the best choice. "I'll make a good arrangement this month. I'll take you away then."

Sophia nodded and nestled in his arms. A weird smile quietly appeared at the corner of her mouth.

She wanted Nil to ignore Dark completely. Even if it was only a short time, it would create more opportunities for Lucas to fight back.

However, she didn't know that a real assassination was brewing in the hearts of the men in black when she was planning this fake assassination. This woman was a disaster. If she continued to stay in this world, she would completely hinder Nil and destroy his plan. Anyone who dared to stand in his way must die!

The man in black called Marvin, "I have a new task for you!" He took out a picture and put it in front of her. "This woman, let her disappear in the world!"

Marvin recognized Eva at the first sight and was shocked. "She is Eva. Are you going to kill her?"

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