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   Chapter 362 Welcome A New Life (Part One)

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His face behind the mask was as pale as death. The pain burned his eyes and twisted his handsome face. Nil glared at her and clenched his fists more tightly. The blood flowed faster and splashed down like rain. The dazzling red was like a blood lotus blooming on the ground.

Sophia turned around and looked out of the window, not looking at him.

After a long time, she heard the footsteps, heavy and powerless.

A week later, the ship landed on an island. From afar, the magnificent and cold castle like buildings as Eiffel Castle could be seen. There was no communication device on the island, which was completely isolated from the outside world.

Looking at the cold cage, Sophia felt that she was like an imprisoned bird. There were fear and despair in her heart.

Sophia locked herself in the room and didn't come out for the whole day.

She was thinking about what she should do? She couldn't sit still and wait for death. She had to find a way to inform Lucas.

It was dark outside. When she opened the door, Nil was sitting on the floor.

Sophia glanced at him coldly, with a mocking smile at the corners of her mouth. "Do you think you can trap me in this way? I can destroy my body at any time! "

Nil seemed to be struck by a dull lightning, and his whole body trembled violently. He jumped up suddenly and grabbed her thin shoulder. "If you dare to die, I will die with Lucas."

Sophia smiled sadly. Looking at the sea in the distance, she said faintly, "Let's make a deal. As long as you are willing to give up the fight with Lucas, I will be yours."

Nil trembled slightly and smiled bitterly, "Even if I can, Lucas won't give up, will he?"

"That's between him and Dark. I mean you. You are not Dark's Nil anymore, but my man." Sophia said slowly and clearly.

Nil was shocked and his eyes sparkled. "Really?"

She nodded.

"Okay, I promise you." Nil held her hand and said, "From now on, I won't ask anything about Dark. You have to promise me to be my woman."

"It's a deal." Sophia stressed the three words. Then she made an excuse that she was hungry and asked him to bring her dinner. Then she went into her room and

s had always wanted a little princess. If he knew that he was going to be a father again, he would be very happy.

She had to protect the baby well. She couldn't let Nil know that it was Lucas' child, or he would definitely hurt it.

Sophia lay on the bed and stared out of the window quietly.

Lucas must be looking for her all over the world, but the earth was so big, he must not know that she was imprisoned on this island, right?

When she was depressed, there was a knock on the door.

Nil came with a bowl of light bird's nest porridge. He was considerate to her.

Seeing her lying on the bed, he came over and touched her forehead. He didn't feel relieved until he found that her temperature was normal.

"In the afternoon, I'll call the doctor to check on you."

"No, thanks." Sophia shook her head and sat up. "I have something to tell you."

"What?" Nil smiled.

"I might be pregnant." There was no joy in her tone.

Nil was stunned. He remembered that they had sex on the boat, so the child was undoubtedly his. The wave of joy stirred in Nil's heart. "Really? We have a child?" Nil was so excited that his whole body was trembling.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders without any smile on her face. "Do you think our child will never know what Dad looks like?"

Nil was slightly stunned. He held her hand and kissed it gently. "I promise you that when the child opens his eyes, he will see his father's face."

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