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   Chapter 356 Poor First Wife (Part One)

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The cold wind blew through the thick branches and leaves, and there was a voice of broken thoughts in the wind, as if someone was talking.

Lucas turned to look at Sophia, "Go behind me." He didn't make a sound, but uttered a few words with his breath. Sophia nodded and took two steps back.

Bypassing the thick trunk, a black shadow appeared in front of him. Although its back was facing him, Lucas could vaguely recognize that it was a woman.

"Who are you?" Lucas shouted in a low voice.

The black figure seemed to be frightened and suddenly jumped up from the ground. She turned around and saw them. He touched his chest and said, "I was scared to death! Mr. Lucas, Miss Sophie, it's late at night. Why don't you go to bed and come to the backyard? "

"I should be the one asking you this question, Paige!" Sophia stared at her without blinking, "what are you doing here?"

"Your people alerted the ghosts in this house. I'm afraid they will come out to make trouble. I'll burn some paper money for them. Once they have money, they will go out for fun and won't bother us anymore." After saying that, Paige lit three incense sticks and inserted them into the ground. Then she lit the paper beside her and put it into the brazier. She said some local words that they didn't understand while burning. After that, she bowed three times in all directions.

Lucas and Sophia stood behind and watched in silence.

After Paige finished her worship, she waved at them and said, "go back to sleep. I think they won't come for the time being."

Lucas and Sophia looked at each other and followed her.

It was a peaceful night. Anne didn't hear the woman's cry again. Maybe as Paige said, the ghosts took the money and went out for fun.

On the second day, no one planned to go out. Mr. Jack called several models who participated in the supermodel competition to his house to hold a party.

Lucas was not interested in these women at all. He took Sophia and Daisy to an old town nearby.

Daisy bought some local clothes and accessories.

It was already evening when they returned to the mansion. Mr. Jack and his beauties were already drunk and went to the room.

to sleep. Abby didn't turn around, pulled the quilt over her head and closed her eyes.

On the second day, when the dazzling sunlight passed through the branches and flowers and sprinkled on the bed railing, Abby opened her eyes. In front of her, a horrible face was facing her.

She was so shocked that she could hardly make a sound.

At this time, her face moved and opened her eyes. Seeing Abby appearance, she jumped up from the bed. "Hey, what's wrong with you? Why do you look like seeing a ghost in the daytime?"

"You… Your… Your face… " Abby pointed at her and stammered for a long time.

"What's wrong with my face?" Anne touched her face and walked to the mirror. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was so scared that she covered her ears and screamed.

In another room, Sophia was awakened by the scream. "What the hell are these two women doing? They are always in a state of shock!"

"Mr. Jack was not with them last night. They must feel a little empty." Lucas smiled and held her slender waist, "it's still early. Go back to sleep."

"It's already dawn. If we go out later, others will see us." A helpless look appeared on Sophia's face.

My God! They were the true couple, but they were like a shameless couple who had an affair and hid underground.

She sighed deeply, broke free from Lucas's hands, sat up, put on her clothes and got out of bed. "You can sleep a little longer. I'll go to see what happened again."

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