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   Chapter 352 It's None Of Your Business (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-04-30 00:35

"Lucas!" She called his name softly and walked into the room slowly. The door slammed shut, and it was even darker inside. Suddenly, a strong whirlwind came to her. She screamed. When she came to her senses, her body was pressed on the bed by someone.

"Lucas?" She opened her eyes wide and wanted to see his face clearly, but it was too dark inside. She could only see a vague outline and a pair of dim eyes. "Lucas, I thought you were asleep." She continued.

"Lucas, I love you." She tried her best to cooperate with him, fearing that he would lose interest because of her inexperience. A clear voice came from the corridor, "Daisy, where are you?"

The man on his body stopped.

"What's up? Where is Daisy? " Sophia asked. Hearing the bodyguard's shout, she walked out of the room.

"I didn't see Daisy when I woke up? I went downstairs and to the bathroom just now, but she wasn't there. " The bodyguard said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry. You go to the yard to have a look. I go to each room." Said Sophia.

The bodyguard nodded and the two took actions separately.

In the dark room, the man took a deep breath and moved his lips to Daisy's ear. "It's time for you to go out. Don't let anyone know our matter." He almost made no sound, and every word was uttered with his breath. After saying that, he turned over and let go of Daisy.

Daisy was extremely disappointed. She slowly got up from the bed, fumbled for the pajamas beside the bed and put them on.

She walked to the door and opened it a crack. Seeing that the bodyguard and Sophia were no longer in the corridor, she sneaked out. As soon as she walked to the door of her room, she was seen by Sophia. "Daisy, where have you been? We are looking for you."

"I'm thirsty… I just have some water. " Daisy said. Her eyes twinkled, and Sophia keenly sensed her abnormality. She walked over and looked at her sharply. "Why is your face so red? Are you uncomfortable?"

"No..." With a guilty conscience, Daisy lowered her eyes for fear of being known what happened just now, "I… I feel like it's hot. "

Raising her eyebrows, Sophia said, "next time what do you want to do, remember to wake up the bodyguards. This is a dang

be a person alive or a corpse. Even if she is taken away by a beast, there will be a skeleton. Maybe she is still alive, but something unexpected happened and she did not come back."

"I think so, too." Sophia said.

"You have watched a lot of novels and movies." Daisy glared at the two. Sophia raised the corners of mouth, revealing a very deep smile, "Daisy, do you really don't want Mrs. Mo to be alive?"

"I do!" "I just don't want to waste my time and resources for impossible things," said Daisy, stamping her feet in anger

"You don't have to worry about that. I'm not afraid of hard work." Sophia raised her eyebrows.

"All right." Lucas, who had been silent all the time, opened his mouth and said, "as long as Sophia is still alive, I will find her. But we are here to play in Shangri-La. Let's talk about it later when we go back."

Biting her lips, Daisy didn't say anything, and a malicious light flashed through her eyes. If Sophia was still alive, she would try to make her disappear in the world. Lucas belonged to her, and no one could compete with her.

On this day, everyone had a good time. It was almost midnight when they came back.

Daisy was the first one to enter the room, but she couldn't fall asleep. Another intense 'Symphony' came from Mr. Jack's room, which made her excited again. She turned around and found that the bodyguard was asleep. She got out of bed quietly and wanted to continue what she hadn't done last night.

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