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   Chapter 350 Let The Enemy Return To His Home (Part One)

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Late at night, when the romantic and intense air calmed down, Sophia told Lucas the clues about the spy that Marvin told her last night.

"Have you found any clues about Jerry?"

"Not yet." With his hands on the back of his head, Lucas stared at a dark corner. What Lucas hated most in his life was the dirty tricks that used someone's family to threaten him.

"I think the person who can buy off the crew and control the ships should not be an ordinary person." Said Sophia thoughtfully.

Lucas stroked her hair and said, "Nil must be very suspicious, so he hides half of everything from his subordinates." Lucas paused and touched his chin. "But he can't do these things alone. There must be someone by his side who he trusts most. Nil believes that the person won't betray him."

"This person is definitely not one of the four elders." Sophia said in an affirmative tone. In the past three years, she had been living in the backyard of Eiffel Castle secretly and had seldom been to the front yard, so she didn't know much about the people around Nil. But she was sure that except for the four elders, there must be some mysterious people that she had never seen.

Lucas nodded, "I'll arrange everything for Marvin. You must be careful."

Five days later, Sophia went to the abandoned warehouse where Marvin hid.

"I've made a plan. Tomorrow, Lucas will leave Q City for a meeting in A City. I'll take some friends to hold a party on the yacht, and you can hide in it. Everyone in Q City knows my relationship with Lucas, so the international police at the dock won't check my ship. When I drive the yacht to a place not far from the high sea, you can dive downstream to the high sea. There will be a ship to Kaohsiung ten miles away to pick you up. I've bought off the captain of the ship. When we arrive at your hometown in Taiwan, you can go there without any obstruction. " After saying that, Sophia told him the secret signal with the captain of the ship.

Marvin nodded and said, "I remember that. I'm different from them. I know how to express my loyalty. At that time, no matter what happens, you can come to me."

"I will remember what you said." Sophia smiled, "

shoulder and said, "You haven't introduced this foreign beauty to me yet."

"Her name is Daisy. She is my new friend I know abroad." Lucas said with understatement.

Mr. Jack raised his eyebrows, and his face was still covered with thick suspicions. When the beauties went back to their rooms to pack, he called Lucas to the yard. "You played that trick, leaving your wife to be at home to see the children, and snickering outside with two little lovers. Isn't it your style?"

"I knew you would think so." Lucas smiled, "I'm permitted to come out. Daisy is my business partner. She has just arrived in K Country. I have to accompany her."

"Where is Sophie? Why did she follow you? Did you take her?" Mr. Jack threw up his hands.

"She is my personal assistant now." Lucas' tone was as light as a breeze.

Mr. Jack's eyes widened. "She's a liar!"

"It doesn't matter. I like to see her face, which reminds me of Sophia." A faint smile played at the corners of Lucas' mouth.

"Is this called love me, love my dog?" Mr. Jack sighed.

"Sort of." Lucas raised his thick eyebrows slightly and deliberately showed a sad look.

After the night fell, the old house became unusually quiet.

After dinner, Mr. Jack asked Lucas to play chess with him. The beauties were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Abby and Anne wanted to watch a horror movie, but Sophia didn't care. Only Daisy was afraid, so she hid beside Lucas and watched him play chess.

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