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   Chapter 344 The Meaning Of Food For Power (Part One)

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"It's because she's with Lucas that she can be your assistant. You can check whether she really has given up on him." Judi replied.

"Is it boss's idea?" Marvin frowned. Was he going to be used as food for power? He was not in the mood to test Eva's loyalty. He just wanted to leave this damned place as soon as possible.

"Maybe." Judi replied with a few words and then explained the plan to Marvin in detail.

Marvin was a little reluctant. He felt that this plan was like renewal of life and too risky. To be honest, Eva left a special impression on him. She was arrogant and unruly. It seemed that she didn't belong to any organization from the very beginning. She only liked to act according to her own judgment and will, and it is too difficult to let her be the spy! The reason why Nil arranged this must because of his own emotional factors? He was the first one to follow Nil and knew him more. The reason why he let Sophie out was to force Eva back.

A proud and aloof person like him naturally needed a different woman.

And Eva was exactly such a woman. She was as cold as snow, as misty as fog, and as ethereal as wind

This kind of feeling that could not be grasped or captured was the most irresistible attraction for men.

And this kind of attraction was dangerous and fatal, because what wrapped that wisp of soul was a fiery flame like lava, which could devour anyone who approached it at any time.

The combination of ice and fire.

The misty fog and the wind.

It happened to have a strange fit with Nil.

So it was strange that he was not attracted.

Since Eva left Dark, Nil's eyes and voice were extremely gloomy. The woman couldn't escape from him, as long as he wanted. Although he needed to every means, he would get her.

But now, no matter which side Eva's heart was on, he didn't want her to stay with Lucas any more. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make Eva and Lucas break up completely.

However, he was not a fool willing to be the cannon fodder. In case, he had to make a Plan-B alone.

On the island.

Lucas looked at his watch. It was very late. It seemed that Daisy w

remely disappointed. Her plan failed again. As the princess of H Country, it was as difficult as reaching the moon to present herself.

The second day, they returned to the yacht at dawn. Lucas had an important meeting today, so he had to end this activity early.

Daisy went back to her apartment unhappily. Edward called and asked her to have afternoon tea with him. She was so angry and wanted to vent her anger, so she involuntarily blamed all the faults on Edward. If she hadn't been engaged to him, Lucas wouldn't have been so worried about that and kept a distance from her.

When she came to the coffee shop near the sea and saw Edward, she pouted angrily. "Why are you in such a mood to ask me out for tea today?"

"My princess, don't you stay in Q city for the sake of improving our relationship? Of course I should meet you more often. " Edward said with a faint smile, his silvery eyes shining in the sun.

"Don't flatter yourself. I didn't do it for you." Daisy glared at him.

"Then who is the one you stay for? It can't be Lucas, right?" Edward's eyes became sharp. Daisy was shocked and lowered her eyes subconsciously, afraid of being seen through by him. "Don't talk nonsense. Lucas and I are just related to work, and we get in touch with each other for the sake of energy project. After all, this is the first national affairs that I'm personally responsible for. I don't want anything bad to happen."

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