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   Chapter 310 The New Year's Eve Dinner (Part One)

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"Lollipop was your favorite when you were a kid." Said John smilingly.

Sophie tore the candy paper and took a small bite of the lollipop. Then she put it into her mouth and sucked it. After pulling it out, she licked it slowly with the tip of her tongue. "It's so sweet," she praised. She smiled, revealing a row of white teeth.

John heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Sophia ate it like this. John knew that he was not wrong. As his childhood sweetheart, Sophia was very different from before only because of the wound in her head and the blurred memory. Moreover, people were not always the same. They would change with the change of the environment and life they were facing.

"Get in the car." John opened the door for her, and there was a cunning in Sophie's eyes, which was invisible. She slightly lifted the edge of her dress and gracefully sat in the car.

At that time, Eva was on the way to Bluewater Villa. Edward called her and asked her to have dinner. At the crossing, she asked the driver to take a turn and go to the hotel.

When she entered the luxury presidential suite, Edward just finished bathing and only wore a bath towel. His bronze skin and muscle were swaying in front of her.

She swallowed hard and looked away hurriedly to pretend to be surrounding the furnishings in the room.

"Wait for me." Edward said carelessly. He took a can of juice from the fridge to Eva and changed his clothes.

When Edward got out of the fitting room, he was wearing a shirt with black stripes and a pair of black casual pants, simple but fashionable.

Eva really appreciated Edward.

Edward sat down on the sofa with a can of beer, beckoning Eva to sit beside him. He glanced at her face with his piercing eyes.

"How are you recently? The news is everywhere these days. It's said that Lucas's wife is still alive. Is that true?"

The corners of Eva's mouth hung a little bit of a self-deprecating smile. "I have seen her before I came here. I didn't expect that I would become a mistress."

"Did she come to start a fight?" Edward frowned.

Shrugging, Eva said, "She can do whatever she wants. I don't care."

Edward took a sip of beer with an indescribable deep look on hi

ra was so angry that she almost fainted. People couldn't do anything wrong, or it would lead to this stain all his life.

"Like mother, like daughter." Then Edward stood up and said to Eva smilingly, "The air here is not fresh. Let's change to another restaurant."

Eva nodded her head. She cast a cold glance at Maggie and Sandra and walked out of the room.

Maggie rushed to the gate of the restaurant, took out her phone and took a picture of Eva and Edward who was about to get on the car. She was going to send the evidence to Lucas as the evidence of Eva's cheating.

After that, she went to HB Villa. She wanted to add conflicts between Eva and Sophia. Then they would fight more seriously.

Before she rang the doorbell, she put two drops of eye drops into her eyes first. When the door opened, she rushed over and hugged Sophie tightly. "Sister, you're still alive. It's great. In the past three years, I have been missing you every day."

"Do you miss me?" Sophie was surprised. "I thought you didn't like me."

Hearing that, Maggie was stunned for a while. She heard that Sophia was still in the state of semi amnesia. It was not possible that Sophia could only remember the fight between them but forgot the intimate relationship with her. Maggie wiped her tears and reminded her, "Sister, we did have some misunderstanding in the past, but we have reconciled long ago. You forgot, I even helped you block the attack of the snake, and I almost died."

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