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   Chapter 299 The Trap From Sister In Law (Part Two)

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"You don't have to play games with her either. She's as strong as Mom. Sara can't even compete with her. You'll definitely lose miserably." Teddy added.

Maggie wanted to cry. How could the two kids encourage her? They were clearly discouraged. Sara pointed at her chin with her finger and rolled her eyes. If Eva and Maggie wanted to fight, Maggie would definitely be the victim in terms of both properties and skills.

"Auntie, it doesn't matter whether you fight or play the game. The most important thing is that Daddy loves you. As long as you win his heart, no one can beat you."

Hearing her words, Maggie almost cried. The woman who won Lucas' heart now was Eva. Did it mean that she could not defeat Eva?

At this time, Rose walked into the garden. The afternoon tea was ready. She came to ask Maggie and the children to go to the terrace to have afternoon tea.

Lucas, Eva and Ellie were waiting for them at the marble table. Selina then climbed up to the table and took out a piece of milk formula and slowly ground her newly growing teeth.

Sara took Kami and Teddy to rush to the table, where there were their favorite fruit and dessert.

Maggie sat down against Sara. Her eyes were filled with jealousy on her rival in love now and then.

Kami took a sip of milk tea and ate a dainty pine cake. Then he turned to look at Lucas and Eva and asked, "Daddy, Mommy, how many babies do you want after you get married?" He still remembered that Maggie said Eva would send them to the boarding school.

"Let me give you a sister as cute as Selina, okay?" Lucas said.

"Okay!" Teddy said while clapping his hands, "Then please don't send us to the boarding school. If we can only see our little sister once a month, we will miss her very much. You can rest assured that we will be obedient and won't disturb the little sister at home. We can also help Mommy take care of the little sister. "

"Which boarding school?" Lucas was slightly stunned. He did not understand what he meant.

Maggie coughed. She felt a little guilty. She was afraid that the children would say that it was that she said, so she got a cherry and put it into Teddy's mouth. "Don't be silly. After you have tea, I'll take you to see The Legend Of Qin Dynasty."

Teddy nodded without a word.

Eva took a glance at Maggie. She guessed that Maggie might have said something to the children, because it wasn't the first time Maggie had used this trick. The song Maggie taught the children last time was really touching.

Eva picked up a piece of cake, smeared it with strawberry paste, handed it to Kami and picked a pineapple for Sara. Then with a gentle smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "In fact, it

Lucas should go with us." Maggie said with a faint smile.

"I don't believe these ghosts." Lucas gave a glance to Maggie. There was a trace of displeasure between his eyebrows.

"You have a new girlfriend now. You won't remember my sister. Even if you remember, you don't dare to meet her because you are afraid that she will know that you have a new girlfriend. My sister is so poor. She not only has a hard life with you, but also has died for you. She is simply digging her own grave for others. " Maggie said, trying to give him a hint.

Lucas' handsome face turned livid with anger.

Mandy waved her hand, "Well, it doesn't matter if Lucas won't go. After all..." Mandy paused for the last few words, but Lucas knew what she wanted to say. After all, he was about to marry other woman.

He gritted his teeth and followed her. "Mom, I'll go with you."

Hearing that, Maggie could not help but chuckle to herself. Her plan went too smoothly.

In South Temple, many people were coming for the so-called spiritual medium.

Seeing that all the people went in hopefully and went out with tears on their faces, as if the spirit medium was really good at luring people.

The three of them were specially treated that they could get in without waiting in line.

Inside, a woman dressed like a nun sat cross legged on a round throne.

"Tell me the name of the morgue and his date of birth." Said a man.

Mandy replied.

Then the nun on the throne muttered a spell that no one could understand. After a long time of silence, her body began to tremble.

"The person you are going to meet has arrived. What do you want to say?" The man reminded.

Mandy doubted and asked, "are you really Sophia?"

"Mom -" The nun suddenly screamed and began to cry bitterly.

Mandy cried as well.

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