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   Chapter 298 The Trap From Sister In Law (Part One)

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In the end, Eva came back to Lucas with her head down. She was defeated.

"Don't worry. He is a champion. It's not a shame to lose to him." Lucas patted her on the shoulder and comforted her.

Eva didn't say anything. She felt upset not because she lost the ball, but because John seemed to have mind reading ability. He seemed to know exactly how she wanted to play. In the most dangerous situation, he could easily break her fatal skill. The best part of the S-Line ball was its tricky and unpredictable angle, but it seemed that John knew where the ball would fall when she waved her hand. Was this the talent of the champion?

After going back, Ellie went to the children's room and saw that only John was in the living room when Lucas got a call from. Eva walked to John and asked with confusion, "How did you my skills?"

"In fact, you can also know my trick." Said John as he curled his lips into a smile.

Eva was stunned for a moment. She was totally shocked. Of course, she knew what he meant. They were on the same road!

"We have the same method of playing. How could it be possible?"

"I want to ask you the same question. But I don't think you know whom you learnt from," John took a sip of the green tea. No one would know that just now he had completely taken her as Sophia. He was the one who taught Sophia to play basketball. He clearly knew how she would play.

"You can also have the S-Line ball?" Eva asked with her eyes wide open.

John put down his teacup and came closer, "I made this move, so I know how to break it. And it's not called S-Line ball. It's called a little trick."

Eva was shocked. She couldn't close her mouth until ten seconds.

"What Do you have any apprentices? " Then Eva might be able to find out who was her coach.

After a short silence, John continued, "I only teach Sophia this skill. She also named the skills." He stared at the unknown corner. It seemed that his voice was also from the corner, powerful and far-reaching.

"How can it be possible? I learned it by myself." Eva felt that her brain was blankly. She wondered if she had stealthily learned Sophia's skills. The strong copy ability of her was not a h

va, I think it's better for you to give up. Wasting your love on a man who doesn't love you is equal to self-torture! " Sara said so, as if she was an expert on love.

Kami and Teddy looked at each other, confused. "Justina, Melody, Angie and Mark all like me very much. They always ask me to play with them and give me some toys. But I'm sure I won't like them either. They are all lovebirds." Kami said.

Teddy touched his chin as what his father did and said, "Kevin, Victor and John called Sara every day and sent a lot of gifts to her, but Sara never answered. It means that Sara doesn't like them. They are self-defeating."

Hearing that, Maggie didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. Instead, she decided to change the topic. "Are you going to let Eva be your step mother?"

"It's not our business. We are just kids. If Daddy really likes Eva, he will go out with her no matter how we oppose it. At most, Eva needs to live outside. If he doesn't go back home frequently, we won't be able to see him then." With a helpless look on Sara's face, she walked up to Maggie and patted her on the shoulder. "Aunt, you have to cheer up. We will be your strong backing and support you silently!" She decided to stay neutral. She wouldn't offend neither Eva nor Maggie.

Walking beside her, Kami and Teddy patted her on the back of her hand. "Auntie, please don't fight with Eva. Eva is a royal bodyguard. She's powerful. You can't defeat her."

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