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   Chapter 297 Broken Memory (Part Two)

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"We are family." Lucas bowed and gave her a burning kiss on the forehead. Then he opened Xbox for them, "Which one do you want to play?"

"A Land Without An Owner." Said Sara.

"Okay." After opening the door for them, Harry sat down on the sofa with the two girls and watched the fight. This warm feeling had disappeared in Bluewater Villa for a long time, and now it was finally back.

After lunch, Lucas went out. Eva guessed that he went to see Sophia and Sophia must be waiting for him.

Eva played with the children in the amusement park for a long time, and then coaxed them to take a nap. She fell asleep next to them unconsciously. When she woke up, she found that Lucas had not come back.

Walking out of the children's room, she couldn't help but stop when passing the bedroom on the south side.

"This is the room of Lucas and Sophia." A low voice came from the side. Eva turned around and saw Sara walking towards her.

"Oh." She shrugged her shoulders and was about to leave when she heard Sara's voice again, "are you curious and want to go in and have a look?"

Eva smiled embarrassedly. She thought Sara was smart and Sara could see through her mind.

"Daddy Lucas doesn't allow outsiders in, but you are not an outsider. You are our new mommy, so I can let you in secretly. Wait a minute, I'll go to get the key." After that, she ran into the room of Lucas, and soon came out with the key.

After entering, Sara made a gesture of "hush", as if she was afraid of alerting the strict housekeeper.

It was a big and biggest bedroom on the second floor.

On the wall of the bedroom, there was a huge wedding photo. Beside, there was a huge electronic frame, in which the pictures were constantly changing.

Eva was quickly attracted by two photo albums with antiquity on the table.

The photo album was the same, and the photo she opened was also the same. Under the photo, she carefully marked down the shooting time and place. And the good and elegant handwriting Eva gasped. Her handwriting was the same as Sophia's. Could it be that she had imitated Sophia's handwriting too and forgotten her own?

Eva looked through the photos in the photo album one by one. Suddenly, phantom pictures flashed through her mind like slides. She wanted to capture these shadows, and she wanted to see them clearly, but they were immediately smashed into powder and dissipated.

She was not reconciled and tried her best to recall. A severe headache swept over her, and it was stronger than ever. She groaned with her head covered and felt dizzy.

"Are you okay, Eva?" Sara was shocked and grabbed the hem of Eva's clothes.

"I'm fine." Clarissa held on to the table and made a difficult speech. She gritted her teeth and wanted to endure this pain, but it seemed to last for a long time than ever. When she felt that she was about to lose her strength, a pair of strong arms supported her.

out from the border.

"John, what's wrong with you? Why don't you take the ball?" Ellie had no time to make it up. She ran over and patted John on her shoulder.

"I'm a little tired. Let's take a break," said John. Then John walked towards a bench in the rest area.

Then Lucas handed a bottle of water to Eva and said, "The ball was so beautiful. Who taught you to play it?"

"You know I've lost my memory, why did you still ask?" Eva glanced at him and said, "In the past three years, I've learned the skill of being a bodyguard. I've been learning how to cook soup and play baseball or something like this on conditioned response. I've learnt it naturally. I used to be very good at it."

When John heard their conversation, he turned his head in astonishment and asked, "Have you lost your memory?"

"My head was hurt, so I can't remember anything." Eva nodded.

There was a touch of disappointment in John's eyes. To be honest, he also wanted to know from whom she had learned the move just now.

After resting for a while, John walked in front of Eva and said, "How about we play one-on-one with our left hands?"

"Okay." Eva stood up with a smile. Few people played baseball with their left hands.

After they walked in the basketball court, avery found that Viola's golf skills were much better than hers. And what was more, he seemed to know her as well as his palm, even the moves he made could restrain her. Finally, she decided to play her trump card, because this move was a unique skill that no one could resist, even Lucas could not block.

As soon as John sent the ball out, she quickly ran forward and waved a slap. The ball flew out with a sexy S-line. She was waiting for the kill with pride. Unexpectedly, as if knowing the direction of the ball, John seemed to have known it and swept it over like a whirlwind. He tilted the ball and rose to life in an instant.

Eva was too shocked to take the ball.

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