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   Chapter 296 Broken Memory (Part One)

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The kids also came to Mandy and comforted her, "Grandma, please don't go. Kami and Teddy love grandma the most."

"Grandma, you will be lonely if you can't see us." Sara then put her head on Mandy's legs.

Mandy sighed. She didn't expect that Eva was such a helpless and poor girl. She felt sorry for Eva and didn't refuse Eva anymore.

Getting out of the car, Eva was very excited. She finally saw the beautiful manor as beautiful as a fairy tale in her dream.

Now she finally got what she wanted. She walked inside freely, shuttling through the green lawn and the beautiful flower nursery without any hindrance. Walking in front of the small sculpture in the center of the yard, she saw a small fountain spray sprayed out from the self-stop system, water drops spreading on petals and glowing brightly in the sun.

Before they went into the house, they saw Rose was waiting for them.

"She is the housekeeper." Lucas introduced Rose to Eva, holding Eva's hand.

Then Rose looked up and down at Eva through her glasses. When she was about to greet Eva, she heard the barking of a dog.

"We are back, Tommy!" Sara shouted at the house and found that the Samoyed was running down the stairs and yelling.

Its eyes were fixed on Eva. It never liked strangers, and the only person it hadn't attacked was Sophia.

Worried that it might attack Eva, Lucas warned in a hurry, "Tommy, be good."

Tommy pounced on Eva, not attacking her, but greeting her. It was so excited that its whole body trembled, and the hairy big tail swung fiercely, with a whining sound in its throat. It kept licking Eva hand with its tongue and rubbed her body with its little head, as if it were welcoming its long lost master.

"It likes Mommy Eva." Kami said.

"How strange!" Rose asked, smoothing her glasses.

"Tommy." Eva smiled and squatted down to touch its head. Suddenly, Tommy let out a scream. It lay on the ground with four feet and looked at Eva with her big watery eyes eagerly, as if it was waiting for Eva to scratch it.

Eva stretched out her hand and scratched its snow-white belly. Every time she scratched it, Tommy would turn over and scream. Then it turned over and waited

ow that the game room is here?"

Eva was shocked. Yes, Lucas only took her to see the bedroom on the second floor, which had not yet reached the third floor.

"Maybe I've dreamed about it." Said Eva, scratching her head.

"Do you also often have strange dreams like me?" Sara opened her eyes wide in surprise.

"Yeah, I also often had strange dreams." Frowning, Eva thought she was actually in those dreams, but she couldn't find the origin of them when she woke up.

Lucas hugged her. "I have already contacted with the most authoritative brain specialist in America. He will come over after the new year."

"Mommy, are you sick? You want to see a doctor?" Kami looked at her and asked in a sweet voice.

Eva touched his head and said, "I'm not sick. I just got injured in my head and lost my memory. I don't remember many things."

"How could you forget your own mother and father?" Teddy asked, blinking her beautiful eyes.

"I don't have father and mother. I was brought up by a nun." Eva shrugged her shoulders and a hint of sadness crossed her eyes.

With a feeling of pity for Eva, Sara lowered her eyes and whispered, "I was brought up by a nun." After saying that, she immediately became confused and smiled. "But I have daddy and Mommy Sophia, and now Mommy Eva. So it doesn't matter who my father and mother are."

"You are right. Now I have you. I am no longer alone. I will not be lonely any more." Said Eva, smiling happily.

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