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   Chapter 295 Go Home (Part Two)

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"Are you for that woman?" The man in black spit a mouthful of blood on the ground, and there was a mockery in his eyes. "No one dares to betray Dark. You let her make the first time."

"If you dare to hurt her, I will kill you!" Nil's silver mask reflected the cold light, and he emphasized, "I will. No matter who you are!" Nil knew his cruel nature very well. If Nil hadn't indulged him, it wouldn't have ended up like this.

"Is that woman more important than me?" A hint of injured blush crept into the eyes of the men in black, and his hatred for Eva deepened.

"I have done so much for you that I even forget myself." Nil said that, full of self-mockery and unspeakable sadness. This kind of feelings that had never been shown was also mercilessly shocked the man in black. "If you really care about her, why did you let her go to Lucas in the first place? Why didn't you keep her in the castle all the time?"

Nil twitched slightly. If it was as clear as now, he would never let her leave. For Dark's ultimate mission, he chose to bury his heart. But Nil's heart was protesting. When he lose her, it hurt. It stimulated his brain with intense pain, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Nil didn't say a word. Stiffly, he turned around and walked towards a dark long corridor. His steps were slow and deep, like an injured cheetah.

"If you like her, I will help you get her back. Nothing is impossible for Dark." The man in black shouted.

"You're not allowed to get involved in this. I'll handle it myself." Nil disappeared in the room. Only the low voice was still echoing around the walls. He was not completely desperate. He always left a chance for counterattack when he did things.

On the way back to the villa, Eva felt extremely relaxed. When she saw the advertisement board of a roadside beauty hospital, she stopped slightly, looked carefully, and suddenly had a good idea.

She wanted to find a skilled plastic surgeon to turn her into real Eva, so that she wouldn't need to wear this skin mask to face Lucas, and she wouldn't need to worry about being discovered by others that she pretended to be Sophia. At the thought of this, she felt more brilliant.

In the villa, Maggie was packing her luggage. Finally she could go back to Q City. She had been very bored these days since Lucas was not here.

In the room, Lucas was making a video call with the children. Eva sat beside him.

The children jumped up and down in the video happily when they got the news that they were coming back.

"Auntie Eva, you will come back with Daddy Lucas, right?" Sara smiled at the camera and asked.

"Of course she can. Would you like to call her Mommy?" Lucas said.

The three kids stood together in a row. Sara in the middle began to command, "one, two, three, Mommy Eva --" The children's voice were like a soft silk. I

blew away all the smile on Lucas's face. Ellie kicked John under the table gently to remind him not to say anything that would disappoint others. John ignored Ellie. He looked at Lucas and said, "Don't tell me you have forgotten about Sophia when you have a new girlfriend."

"I'll go to see Sophia. She's always in my heart." How could Lucas forget Sophia? And no one could replace Sophia in his heart.

Eva knew that she would never occupy the space that only belonged to Sophia. The only thing she could do now was to love Lucas and children well.

"Okay, okay. Let's have dinner now." Anna immediately broke the silence.

Taking a sip of wine, Jacob said in all earnestness, "People should look forward. It might be the best choice that you can't always immerse yourself in the past and irreparable things."

"Yes." "I think that Sophia also hope that Lucas can find happiness and start a new life," said Anna.

Hearing this, John said nothing more. He picked up the wine glass on the table and drank it up. The bitter alcohol together with the anger at his throat slipped into his stomach.

Lucas and Eva stayed at Maud Villa for a night. The next day, they took the children back to Bluewater Villa.

Sitting in the lengthened Rolls Royce, Mandy rubbed her hands and said, "Lucas, now you've got Eva. I think I'd better move back to the apartment." She felt that there was no reason for her to stay in Bluewater Villa.

"Mom." Noticing her hesitation, Lucas held her hands and said, "You can stay at Bluewater Villa. Eva and I will take good care of you."

Eva moved to sit beside her and said, "Please don't leave. You've lost your daughter. My mother abandoned me since I was born. I've always wanted a mother. Are you willing to accept me as your daughter? I will be filial to you, and you are my support. If he dares to bully me in the future, you will decide for me. "

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