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   Chapter 232 Scheming (Part One)

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He made an excuse to go to the bathroom and look for Eva, but he did not find her after an inch by inch search in the entire club.

Was she irritated by him?

As he was about to go downstairs, he suddenly heard a laugh from the rooftop, it was Eva's voice, and a man's voice. With his heart suddenly tightened, he rushed up.

Eva and Edward were singing together. They danced like beautiful night elf in the moonlight.

Her silvery laughter came through her rose like lips and into his ears. It pierced through his heart, his internal organs and every part of his body. Every cell of his body was painful.

It turned out that she was here, having fun with another man. Her heart had no place for him at all, and there was no place for him in her heart.

The star fires he had just unleashed were extinguished once again. His soul seemed to have been destroyed by a core battle, leaving only Brent intact.

How he wished his eyes were a sharp sword that could cut off the evil hand that touched her skin.

In a rage, both of them stopped dancing and sat on the bench.

"Are all prince like you?" She giggled.

"I don't know." Edward shrugged, "I don't want to be a prince. I just want to be an ordinary people and be free from restraint."

"No, you're our king." Said Eva with a smile.

"It's just a political marriage. If possible, I hope to marry the girl I like." The smile on his lips froze, as if it was cold as the cold wind from the mountains came. With an involuntarily faint sadness, his silver green eyes were blurred like a light mist.

"Daisy is the goddess of the people in H Country, beautiful, smart and considerate. You will like her." Said Eva, sighing. Even these highborns who are powerful can only make people look up at them at 45 degrees will also have a lot of helplessness.

In the dark, Lucas stared at her.


Why did he, like a ghost, always appeared all of a sudden and then haunted "ghosts" around Eva? He didn't take avery as his target for flirting with girls?

Edward's voice came from the darkness, "tell me something about your online love rival?"

Online experiences? Eva was stunned and soon understood that he

cas come back. Was he going to sleep with Lily? At the thought of that they might do some disgusting and dirty "filthy" thing, she was pissed off.

Hands on hips, she paced back and forth in the living room. She rolled her eyes and had an idea.

She picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Lucas. "Oh my god, the villa is on fire!"

A quarter of an hour later, Lucas rushed into the hall with Tina and Jerry, staring at her in panic. "Where is the fire?"

Eva stood up from the sofa and took a sip of the orange juice on the tea table. "If you come back five minutes later, the house might be on fire Then she turned around and went upstairs unhurriedly.

Lucas found her words both funny and annoying. Which planet was her? How strange her behavior was?

Tina could not help but chuckle. "I thought she was on fire because of jealousy. Boss, you must be careful in the future, in case you catch fire."

Jerry coughed and winked at her. "I'm tired. Go to bed." After saying that, he yawned and went upstairs. Tina followed him upstairs. Boss must have his personal affairs to deal with.

But, Lucas didn't plan to look for Eva. Instead, he locked himself in his room alone. This woman's weirdness wore him out. Eva hoped that Lucas appeared. It was better for her to ignore her than to have a fight with her. However, she waited for a long time but there was no knock at the door. She was so depressed that she wanted to go crazy.

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