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   Chapter 230 Being So Jealous (Part One)

Love Whispers By Orange Characters: 7221

Updated: 2020-03-31 00:17

It was Lily who sent the message. "Lucas invited me to attend the masquerade tonight."

Glancing at them, avery was scared and jumped up from the sofa.

Is he crazy? Why did he invite Lily? Did he have a crush on her?

All of a sudden, she felt as if she had fallen into a bathtub filled with lemonade, and a strong acid went through her skin and into blood vessels, as the blood flowed, it spread to every part of her body, even every part of her organs. She felt that silver was full of sour taste when she swallowed.

"What do you want me to do?" She pressed the screen hard, each word full of anger.

"I just informed you of it. In fact, I don't need your cooperation to handle it."

Come on! Show off to her! She spat. It could be seen that Lily didn't like her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have made up an excuse to frame lily that day, which she had leaked her identity online. Lily was just jealous that Eva had won more attention of Nil? She had found that she liked Nil since a long time ago.

It was almost in the evening when Lucas came back. He had changed into his party dress after the bath and was going to the masquerade.

When he was about to leave, she ran in front of him and blocked his way with her thin body. "From now on, wherever you go, where I go!"

He cast a cold glance at her and asked, "why? Miss Eva?" He said coldly.

"Because I'm the bodyguard assigned by the queen. I'm in charge of your safety. I have to do my duty, no matter you want it or not." There was a hint of shamelessness in her tone. It didn't matter whether she was willing or not. Anyway, she would follow him.

With no expression on his face, but light flashed across his eyes like a meteor. "Miss Eva, it's also your responsibility to protect me." Lucas said in a cold tone, as cold as the wind in late autumn. Then he went out directly.

Looking at his indifferent back, she unconsciously bit her lower lip. "How ungrateful he is! I want to save him, but he doesn't appreciate it," she thought! Tina walked to her side, patting her on the shoulder. "We're going to the required Green Club. Lucas will take care of everything he does, and you'l

for what happened last time, but no one here will recognize us, and the paparazzi can't come in."

She stopped and sighed. That was true. This was the place where the nobility could have all the fun, and the paparazzi could never get in. Moreover, they were all wearing masks. It was difficult to recognize their faces, unless they were familiar with them.

"How did you recognize me?" She asked confusedly. They had only met twice, and they were not even friends.

"You have a special smell. You can tell it easily." He smiled charmingly.

"Really?" She raised her eyebrows slightly. Why did she always think that she was so ordinary that she could be drowned in the crowd in only one second? There was even no ripples in the crowd?

"You sneaked out alone again?"

He shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

It seemed that Edward hadn't learned his lesson from the last time. He sighed and continued his own way.

"Miss, how come you are a waiter? Didn't your queen return your position?" There was a strange look in Edward's eyes.

"I'm on a mission. It's just a disguise." Eva smiled embarrassedly.

With a slight squint, Edward looked at her sexy body with hot eyes. "Miss Eva, you look very charming in this suit."

Eva took a deep breath and pulled down her skirt unconsciously. Was this a compliment or a flirtation? It's said that Edward is handsome and has a lot of women around. It seems that the rumor is true!

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