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   Chapter 228 being a mistress (Part Two)

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Lucas said, "I asked Eva to protect Edward, your highness. She just did as what I said. I didn't expect her to be used by someone who wanted to hurt you. Eva has always been doing her best by my side. I really appreciate the excellent bodyguards of your royal family. I hope she can recover as soon as possible and continue to do her duty by my side. " As an outsider, his explanation was more convincing than Edward.

The queen kept silent for a while and said to Prince Edward, "Your Highness, you must be astonished by what happened today. I will order them to severely punish those who incite the wrong and give fair play to your highness." She turned to Lucas, "as for Eva, the safety bureau will recover her work as soon as possible. Mr. Lucas, please rest assured."

The imperial edict seemed to have carried out smoothly. The only one that was displeased in the parliament hall was Princess Daisy.

After Edward and Lucas left, the queen turned around to face Daisy and said, "are you satisfied with what I have done?"

"Mother!" Surprised, Daisy lowered her head with guilt. The mother knew her daughter so well. How could her small tricks be hidden from the queen's wise eyes?

"It's not going to change anything about the marriage. You must put the interests of the whole into the first place." The queen said in a firm tone. Biting her lower lip hard, Daisy stood up and ran out of the hall in a rage.

She was like an injured reindeer that never stopped in the wind. She ran forward regardless of everything, until she saw the tall figure of the man in front of her.

"Mr. Lucas." She called him in a low voice, out of breath.

Lucas stopped and t

ep. Her messy thoughts together with the long night slowly passed as time went by.

The next day, Helena called and she was reinstated. The magazine that reported the gossip also published an apology.

She finally suffered a great injustice and did not die like a think. She just did not expect that she should still go back to the side of Lucas. She asked Helena for a transfer, but she told her that the storm had just subsided and it was the best choice to stay with Lucas. A sudden divorce was likely to cause trouble.

At the thought of being hunted down by the public, she realized that she had no choice but to endure humiliation and sought consent for it.

When they got back to the villa, Lucas had hardly taken a look at her, let alone talking to her. His silence was like a stone, as cold as an ice, and as indifferent as a stove without fire.

In addition, he did not allow her to follow him when he went out. He left her alone in the villa. He just brought Tina and Jerry As soon as he came back at night, he closed the door of his study and did not show up again, as if she was an eyesore.

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