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   Chapter 221 triggered a fight (Part One)

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In the villa, a strange visitor came. It was George, the Minister of squat in M Country.

"When I heard that Mr. Lucas had come to H Country, Philip sent me here to convey your sincere greetings." After that, he handed the greeting letter to Lucas, which was written by the king of M Country.

The servant came to them with tea break. After reading the letter quickly and writing a reply, he asked the minister to give the letter to Philip.

After the embassy left, Eva walked down the stairs.

"I didn't expect you to be so arrogant that even the king of our kingdom greeted you." There was a hint of surprise in her smile.

"He was my classmate on Harvard." Lucas replied with understatement.

"No wonder." "Do you know that his nephew Edward is going to marry Daisy?" she raised her eyebrows.

"No surprise." Lucas shrugged and took her hand. "Let's take a walk in the garden." He seemed to have deliberately interrupted the topic and was not willing to talk more about her.

However, Eva was not in the mood to go for a walk. She followed him silently on the stone trail. The cold wind was blowing from the mountain, with a little anxiety and gloom.

She smoothed her hair as if she could bear the invisible pressure in her heart.

Lily asked her to try to take him to the Royal Museum where seemed not to be romantic. She really didn't know what she was up to. She couldn't go against Nil's instructions. She had to cooperate with Lily, but she didn't want to push Lucas into the fire pit. She had to follow him closely.

"What are you thinking about?" His voice came from the top of her head. He sensed her unusual silence. She shook her head and smiled, "it should be your first time to come here, right?"

"Are you going to be a local and treat me well?" There was a hint of banter in the corner of his mouth.

"How about I show you around?" She said. He seemed to be very interested in her proposal and smiled broadly.

After visiting two famous scenic spots, they went to the Royal Museum.

As soon as he got off the car, a charming smile crept on his lips. "How do you know that I am interested in antiques?"

Eva was stunned for a second. She suddenly understood why Lily wanted to me

will appreciate them for me. "

Eva turned to look at Lucas, "are you coming?" She really hoped that he would refuse. But to her surprise, he threw up his hands and said casually, "whatever." It seemed like he was trying to accept Lily. It was a good thing. She was jealous, like she had been poured a bottle of aphrodisiac, and even her mouth was full of acid.

As expected, men were all kind of invulnerable soft bodied animals.

On the way back, she was angry but didn't say a word.

He noticed that when they waited for the traffic light at the crossroad, he held her hand and asked, "what's wrong? You look unhappy. Are you hungry?"

'Hungry ghost! I'm almost like a fish in someone else's plate. How can I still have appetite?' She had to find a way to put out the fire before she had sex with him.

Her beautiful black eyes turned two times. She said in a casual tone, "I didn't recognize Lily today. She is completely different from before. I remembered that she used to be a triangular, collapsed nose, broad jaw, and sausages. Her classmates called her basin in the class. But now her eyes grew larger, her nose became high, her lips became thin, and her jaw became thin. She was just ugly. There had been changed a lot. Do you think she went to do the plastic surgery secretly? " As she spoke, she peeked at her father. Men all favor natural beauties, like him who had surgery on his beauties the day after tomorrow. Would he be a little disgusted with them.

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