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   Chapter 212 You Are My Woman (Part Two)

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She slammed the door and bumped into the man coming in.

Although the light was off, she could still see his face clearly with the moonlight pouring in from the window.

Damn it! Why was he in her room?

"What are you doing here?" Her heart skipped a beat.

He grabbed her arm and threw her in, slamming the door shut with a loud bang.

"What are you doing?" She stepped back with fear until she was pressed against the wall.

He staggered closer and closer to Eva. His handsome face was distorted and his eyes were full of malice. "Are you happy tonight?" A strong smell of alcohol spread out along with his heavy breath and constantly hit her face.

"It's none of your business!" She turned her head away and said angrily.

He pinched her chin and pulled her over, forcing her to face him. "Who make you happier, him or me?"

In a daze, she understood what he meant. In an instant, she felt extremely ashamed and angry. What was he thinking about?

"Of course it's him." She said angrily, "I like him kissing me, like doing anything to me, but you only make me sick!"

As soon as she dropped her voice, with a crack, the bottle in his hand was crushed into pieces, and the shards of glass scattered everywhere. Blood flowed out from his palm, and fell on the carpet like raindrops.

He frowned, and thick clouds covered his face. He stared at her ferociously. The harsh light was like the lightning splitting the black clouds.

She was stunned and stared at his bleeding hand.

Sensing the tension of the storm, she tried to step back, but was blocked by a wall and there was no way back.

He violently grabbed her slender shoulders and threw her onto the carpet with a slam. But before he took the next step, she quickly jumped up and kicked at him with a swirling leg. Unexpectedly, she was caught up in the air. His fingers were like claws, pinching her ankle. Then she gave him another kick horizontally.

He moved to the left and grabbed her another ankle. Then he lifted her up and threw her into the sofa.

"Let me go!" She struggled a little, but there was nothing she could do.

He let her go with a groan of pain. The blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and slid across the edge of his body. It dropped on her snow-white dress and flushed.

There was a big fire burning in his fierce eyes. He looked like a wild wolf who was irritated and wanted to eat her alive at any time. "Ev


"It's not my fault. You kept calling me for the whole night and I even didn't sleep well. I even have the dark circles under my eyes. I have to wear an ice mask to make up for them." Daisy stared at her with arms akimbo. After a pause, she said very seriously, "Eva, I order you now as the most honorable one. To be honest, did you bring a man in secretly last night? I heard the man's voice."

"Well, well, I surrender. Your highness, there are no other men. I just can't fall asleep and watch a movie." She quickly found an excuse in her mind.

"Really?" Lifting her eyebrows, Daisy seemed to have believed what Eva had said. She covered her mouth with her hand and gave a weird smile, "are you watching that kind of movie?"

"Which one?"

"R There was a hint of mockery in Daisy's beautiful eyes. "Is it because of love after you went out for a date yesterday?"

Eva was stunned. But her conjecture was better than being found that she and Lucas were actually doing something.

"My prince, you are so smart that I can't hide anything from you."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Daisy looked at Eva mysteriously, "can you show me your movie, too?" Her voice was small, with slight shyness and embarrassment.

"Your Highness, I'm really sorry for what I did to you. I shouldn't have humiliated you."

"Give me the first lesson. You're my counselor and this is also one of your responsibilities." Apparently, Daisy was giving an order.

"Can you keep it a secret?" said Eva.

"Of course!" Daisy nodded.

Fine, I have to muster up my courage to release a movie of a famous director.

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