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   Chapter 211 You Are My Woman (Part One)

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Finally, he turned to her, but his eyes were cold as ice. "Miss Eva, isn't this what you want?"

"I..." Eva didn't know how to reply. She thought she was just making trouble for herself. So she said, "that's right. You'd better keep your nose clean and I'll stay alone with you. We have nothing to do with each other." She turned her head angrily, banged his shoulder and left.

Looking at her angry back, Lucas had two deep eyes, which were as deep as the bottom of the sea. He was black, without any color, and his heart was as dead grey.

In the villa, Sara called Kami and Teddy to her room. She needed to talk with her two younger brothers about her stepmother.

"I think it's time to find daddy a girlfriend!" She crossed her arms on her chest and said seriously.

"Sister Sara, didn't you say that? We'll drive away all the bad women around Daddy! " Kami tilted her head and looked at her in confusion.

"No Mommy, no brother." Kami still remembered what Maggie taught him to do.

"Then let me ask you, do you like aunt Eva?" She pouted.

"Yes, I do." They answered in one voice, "Eva played with us, told us stories and made delicious soups for us."

"Every time I see Eva, I think of mom." Teddy added.

"That's right." Sara smiled, "Daddy is still so young. If Mommy is no longer in the world, he will be lonely. It will be very pitiful for him to take care of us three. We can't only think about ourselves. We should think about Daddy as well. I think Eva is the best replacement of Mommy, because she is very similar to Mommy. If she is with Daddy, daddy will not forget Mommy no matter how long it has passed. Therefore, we need daddy to keep Eva at home, and we can't let others take her away. "

"Well, since you are elder sister, I will listen to you." The two brothers nodded and then followed Sara to the garden to meet Lucas.

At this moment, Lucas was sitting on the marble bench, staring blankly at the clouds in the distance. Hearing the children's voices, he hurriedly gathered his scattered thoughts and showed a kind look.

"Daddy," Kami climbed on his lap, wrapped her arms ar

of her, she leaned over his chest, gasping for air.

"No." He said calmly, "your task is to take good care of Princess Daisy and help her successfully marry Prince Edward."

"Is Prince Edward one of us?" She was slightly taken aback.

"Sort of." He nodded.

"What's your plan?"

"Don't worry. It's not that easy for him to fight against us in H Country." He patted her on the shoulder and comforted her.

She smiled and looked out of the window. Her heart was full of unsolvable contradictions. She didn't seem happy about the result of either of them. She would feel heartbroken if any of them was injured. She was shocked at this thought soon. Since when Lucas had held such an important position in her heart? Was he as important as Nil? Crazy? She must be crazy!

At this time, Lucas was much crazier than her. He was on the verge of madness. Looking at his watch, it was almost 12 o'clock, but she hadn't come back yet. Was she going to sleep with that man?

Why would he let her out? He should have knocked her unconscious and locked her in the room!

The more he thought about it, the more irritable he became. He grabbed the whisky on the table and gulped it down like water. At last, he drank up the whole bottle.

His tipsy had already beyond his control. With only one thought in his mind, he immediately rushed out, and started searching every house in Provence, until he found her.

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