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   Chapter 210 Be Careful, You Are Playing With Fire (Part Two)

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"Mr. Lucas, I hope you can understand one thing." With a faint cold smile at the corners of her mouth, she continued, "first, I'm not interested in you; second, I won't be a substitute for anyone; third, I already have someone I like."

Her words bruised his handsome face. "You said you had no boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't like someone. So stay away from me from now on." She slammed the door and walked out.

His face was as gloomy as the sky before a storm, not only because he was rejected, but also out of jealousy. He heard some hiss. The jealous snake with green patterns rushed in through the open window. It made a circle with ups and downs and crept into his back, biting into his heart.

"Damn it! Who on earth is he?" She really wanted to make him disappear from the world at once!

Then he punched at the wall with all his might. The wall was then torn apart and fell down to the ground, and a deep hole appeared in it.

But he calmed down after being angry. He soon found the source of jealousy. He had already taken her for a long time. The most terrible thing was that subconsciously, he had no control of himself. If only they looked similar, it was easy to control and distinguish them. But their similar appearance was from soul. He was almost confused unconsciously and even thought that the rebirth in the novel had become reality.

This kind of bewilderment made him do crazy things, and he even strongly wanted to have her, occupy her and not allow anyone to touch her.

However, she was not Sophia. He had to stop his plan. He couldn't let that feeling devour and destroy him.

When Eva entered her room, she didn't have time to clean it up. The room was full of the smell of making out last night.

She couldn't tell how she felt about Lucas. He was like a meteorite that fell from the sky into her peaceful heart lake. The waves were disturbed and could not calm down for a long time. She tried to take him as her enemy, but she couldn't find him annoying. Maybe it was because he was quite like the figure she dreamed of pursuing in her dream.

However, she was very clear that she couldn't have feelings for him, let alone fall in love with him. If she did so, she would have only one end: burn herself! They could only be like two rays of radiance, diverging without any limitation after having a brief intersection.

When she met him again, his handsome face was as cold as ice. He didn't even glance at her, directly ignoring her.

It seemed that he really wanted to keep a distance from her.

She should have been happy and relieved and laughed, but the corners of her mouth seemed to be ban

us rumors.

Hearing that, Maggie lowered her eyes, while tears fell down from her eyelashes. She said, "I just feel sorry for my sister. She was abandoned by my father when she was a child. She had suffered a lot. She has been with you for only two years and I have never expected that she would have such a misfortune. After a while, when my brother-in-law has a new girlfriend, he might forget my sister. I am afraid that he might not have a good impression on her. After that, she will definitely disappear from this house. " Then she began to whimper.

Lucas patted her on the shoulder. He could understand her feelings, but since Sophia had already integrated with his soul, how could he forget?

Coming out of the hall, he went into the garden. With all these mixed feelings, his heart fell back to the abyss of despair and darkness. There was no light, no color, no vitality, and no hope.

His feet were heavy and stiff, wandering around. His eyes were dull staring at an empty corner, like a ghost.

Deep in the flowers, Eva slowly walked out, intoxicated with the attractive fragrance of the flowers. When she saw Lucas coming in this direction, she wanted to avoid him, but her feet suddenly became dull, as if she had weighed up a thousand pounds. It seemed that Lucas didn't see her. He passed by her expressionlessly, or deliberately ignored her, or even ignored the aura that could wake up his life and vitality.

She took a deep breath. She felt upset all of a sudden. She didn't know why she suddenly felt out of control and rushed directly to the person who made her unhappy.

"Lucas, you don't have to be so cold-blooded. Just ignore me! You are the host and I am the guest. You should be polite to me, shouldn't you? " How could she continue to stay so cold?

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