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   Chapter 208 Fight Between Men And Women (Part Two)

Love Whispers By Orange Characters: 8098

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"I can't dance." She shrugged her shoulders and a glint of mockery flashed in her eyes.

"Really?" Lucas raised his bushy eyebrows slightly, "I think you are good at dancing!" He said that word for word, making Kami change another song to poke her.

The so-called tango was not only the entanglement between men and women, but also a game between men and women.

"Miss Eva, the real contest begins." He smiled evilly and held her tighter. Then a hurricane seemed to spin and took her to the center of the hall.

She quickly recovered from the dizziness and gave him a murderous look.

The music suddenly sounded. She turned around and tried to take the initiative.

They separated from each other quickly and fit into each other with a lukewarm attitude. When you went in and went back, you returned and went in. Or when their arms and legs collided, they both tried to bind each other. She kicked, jumped, and spun. She ran like the wind sweeping away the fallen leaves without a sound, but wherever she passed, the sand and leaves scattered.

The air between them heated up like a fire. At last, the air exploded like a bomb, bursting out a huge power. Both of them fell into a coma with their eyes wide open. There was only a thought left in their hearts: possess the other!

Therefore, when the music ended, the two longing bodies intertwined with each other like trees and vines.

Wow, something is going to happen! Sara thought to herself.

Daisy was very sad. She felt as if she had been soaked in the lemonade, with the sourness in every pore.

He stared at Eva with his burning eyes, which seemed to have burned her face.

"I'm going back to my room. You guys have fun." Eva ran upstairs quickly and ran back to her room. She wanted to stay as far away from Lucas as possible.

Daisy followed them. She felt it necessary to remind Eva.

"Are you too close to Mr. Lucas recently?"

Sensing her jealousy, Eva explained immediately, "I'm just following you and protecting you. It has nothing to do with him!"

"That's the best. I don't want my counselor to be entangled with anyone else." Daisy said seriously.

"You can rest assured that this will never happen." Eva opened a bottle of water and took a sip. The water moistened her dry throat. "As your counselor, I have to remind you that you are going to marry Prince Edward after you return to the country. You'd better not have any re

were some sobs in her voice, which made her look like she was about to cry.

With an expression of satisfication on the face of the man who had captured his prey, he held her tightly and rushed upstairs.

When she returned to her room, the woman quickly curled up on the bed, and her two little hands tightly grabbed the man next to her, in case he would throw her away.

Outside the window, fierce winds rumbled, thunder rumbled, lightning flickered, and heavy rain poured, devouring the whole villa.

"Mr. Lucas, please don't leave, okay?" A woman trembled and begged him. Her pitiful look almost swallowed him.

"Miss Eva, it's not appropriate for a man and a woman to stay in one room alone," He swallowed hard and tried to get rid of her hands. She was frightened, "you Didn't you say that I look like your wife? Why don't you just treat me as your wife? "

"But you are not her." He sighed. If she were Sophia, he would have launched an attack. The best way to let her forget the panic was to love her with all her heart, and when she indulged herself in it, the only thing left in her heart was his love, then she wouldn't be afraid any more.

"You don't need to look at my face. But didn't you say that I look like her in any way except my face?" She buried her head in his chest and murmured.

Lucas became quiet.

Yes, she and Sophia were similar in many ways. They looked exactly like twins. No, she looked more like twins. Technically, they were twins. "Is the God playing tricks on me with such a wicked woman, or does he want to make up for his loss of his wife and give me a copy?"

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