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   Chapter 206 Best Mommy (Part Two)

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So she gave an exaggerated smile and said, "of course not. I'm not a kid. How could I be afraid of lightning?"

A wave of disappointment surged in the heart of Lucas. Then he shook his head and sneered at himself. A silly question. Even if she was more like Sophia, she couldn't be Sophia. At most, she was more like her. How could she be afraid of lightning?

When he was thinking, Eva turned her attention to the screen and ate two popcorn. When she wanted to take a drink on the table, her hand unconsciously hit to the side and she knocked over the juice on the table by accident.

Lucas stepped back immediately, but the water still spilled on his pants.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Eva quickly crouched down and fetched a piece of tissue to wipe for him. However, in the darkness, she kept rubbing her hands against Lucas, which awakened the sleeping thing.

"Damn it!" Lucas cursed in his heart. Only the toughness of the tough woman had the ability to lower his defensive ability to zero. How could this woman, like carrying an outer star virus, beat him so easily? Lucas grabbed her hand to stop her. "No, thank you. I can do it myself."

"Okay." She stood up and was about to sit back. Unexpectedly, her foot slipped on the drink and she staggered forward. Lucas jumped up and held her in time, but the impact was too strong, so they both fell to the chair. In the worst case, her panic mouth just touched his thin lips.

In an instant, they stared at each other wide eyed.

They knew they should be separated soon, but their hearts seemed to be reluctant to give up. They were unwilling to compromise their bodies for the other's charming tastes.

The air seemed to be stagnant, and so did the two figures pressed the pause button, remaining motionless. Until an audience below them screamed and woke them up.

As soon as he loosened her grip, Eva stood up straight and rushed back to her seat.

She was so embarrassed that her face turned red. She really wanted to slap herself. Shit! He hit me too precisely!

Lucas was more depressed than her. He felt like he was out of control. The most important thing was that his body was still very hot. The repressed flame was stirred by her and ran in his blood.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom."

He needed to go out for a breath of fresh air and chill himself with cold water.

At this moment, in another box, Daisy was so scared that she closed her eyes and covered her ears, daring not watching the movie. She was upset. She went to the cinema with him, but why did he sit next to the little child? It was just too boring.

With a mockery in her eyes, Sara said, "Daisy, you're so timid. Such a small video really scared you to death."

"I hate horror

es on her frolicking figure. It sounds so much alike! Many people in the world looked alike, but their habits and breath were almost unique. Even Kami and Teddy were totally different. Maybe God took one of them off her body when created. Unfortunately, they didn't meet each other. Otherwise, they would surely become bosom friends.

When he was lost in his thoughts, Daisy ran over to him and said, "from now on, I won't call you Mr. Mo, but call you Lucas." She held his hand and said with a smile, "come on! Let's go and have some fun!"

Kami and Teddy were playing in the pleasure ground, while Eva was playing with them like a child. At last, they rolled to the foot of Lucas.

She lay down on her back, gasping for air. Her big, plump breasts slightly quivered with the breathe. She looked at him with her big, watery eyes, her lovely eyelashes fluttering, like the black butterflies shuttling in the flower field. Then she grinned and her smile was so sweet and pure, like a sunshine on a rainy day, hanging in the sky above.

Hearing that, Lucas's eyes froze and had an impulse to kiss her.

This kind of impulse also startled him. He swallowed hard, moisturizing his hot throat. Then he reached out his hand and wanted to pull her up. But he did not expect that she giggled and quickly went away.

The naughty and cute smile made Daisy beside Lucas surprised. Daisy looked at him with eyes wide open. It was the first time he smiled. It was the first time that she heard his laugh. The low and deep laughter deep in her throat was so charming and attractive, which made her heart beat.

Unfortunately, the smile was not for her.

Lucas realized his inappropriate behavior and quickly drew back his smile.

"Go and play with them." He said to Daisy.

Daisy shook her head. She would rather stay with him.

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