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   Chapter 205 Best Mommy (Part One)

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Daisy was surprised. She didn't know whether the boy cared about her or criticized her.

Lucas patted Kami's head and said, "Daisy is not sick. Everyone has a different appetite. Some people like to eat salty food while others like light food. This is normal."

"That's why Daisy is so special!" What Teddy said out stunned everyone present!

Daisy was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh and continued eating.

After dinner, Eva brought some fruits to them. When she saw that Sara was playing the game, she walked up to take a look at her.


"Of course I am about fruit tolerance. I need to record as far as my mommy concerned! My mom is the best. No one has reached her record yet. "

Somehow, when Eva saw the game, she felt excited and said, "let me have a try later."

"Okay." When the time was up, Sara handed the game center over to them. Eva then started to train her fingers.

Her slender finger was sliding quickly on the screen like a flying knife, and Sara was stunned by what she saw.

One minute later.

Looking at the date on the right corner of the screen, Sara's mouth was shocked for ten seconds.

"Oh my God, Eva, I can't believe you reached my mommy's record!"

All the family members marveled at her words.

At this moment, the only thought in Lucas's mind was: copying! He strongly suspected that Eva was really Sophia's copy.

"Eva, you are awesome! You look like mother." Sara wrapped her arms around Eva's neck and kissed on her cheek.

Such a scene really hurt Daisy's eyes, and Lucas was attracted by Eva which had been fixed on Eva. Daisy felt that she had been lost and ignored. The light above her head had been taken away. She should be the protagonist, but she unexpectedly let Eva take the light of her play.

"Eva, what are you doing here? Hurry up to wash the dishes in the kitchen. There will be more bacteria if the soup is put there for a long time." Her tone was reproachful.

Seeing that her highness was unhappy, Eva turned around and went to the kitchen in a hurry. Sara stood up from the sofa and followed her, "Eva, let me help you."

"No, you are guests. How can I let guests help me? Go and play with Daisy." Ev

cas felt something was wrong. It was a double box. What the hell was this girl doing?

Since the movie had already begun, it was inconvenient to go to see them. So Lucas and Eva sat down first.

Eva was more uncomfortable than him. She was confined in a dark room in the same room with him. A little inattention caused the restless cells to fluctuate, instilling the memory of that night to her brain continuously.

The awkwardness was spreading in the dark air.

Screams were heard from the big projection hall downstairs from time to time. Some horrible and bloody scenes were constantly flashing on the screen.

However, Eva didn't seem to be frightened at all. On the contrary, she giggled from time to time as if she was watching a wedding movie.

After that, she sighed in disappointment. "There's no longer any horrible atmosphere in the movie."

"You are rather bold." Lucas shrugged.

"I'm not afraid of anyone!" She chuckled.

"Aren't you afraid of lightning?" She asked him without thinking.

The corners of Eva's mouth twitched a little. Oh my God! Does this guy have sharp eyes? His words hit the nail on the head! She was not afraid of anything, but she was afraid of thunder all the time. Even a flash of lightning could frighten her into the quilt and she dared not to poke her head out. However, as a royal bodyguard, the first thing she should pay attention to was not to expose her weaknesses, especially in front of the enemy.

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