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   Chapter 201 I Am Willing To Keep You Company

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Half an hour later, they arrived at the hunting area.

It was a dense forest where all kinds of birds and beasts were fertile in the woods.

Although hunting was allowed, they could only use anesthetics and bullets, just like allowing a fishing man to put the fish he had caught into a river. The only thing they wanted to do was to enjoy themselves and do not kill anyone.

As Eva was wearing the upper hunting clothes, she carried the shotgun on her shoulder, looking very natural and graceful.

"Mr. Lucas, let me have a competition to see who wins more," She looked at Lucas with a slight smile. She lost face today, she would have to try her best to get it back. As a royal bodyguard, she was born with a baby of a famous organization called Dark. She would never be defeated by her enemy.

With a faint smile and sparkling eyes in the sun, Lucas replied, "Well."

They started to move toward the forest, each with a servant pushing a small truck to help gather the prey from gun anesthesia, leaving Mary and another servant to protect and take care of Daisy.

The vines hanging from the trees, like snakes, would wrap around people's feet at any moment.

"Clap, clap, clap" came from time to time in the quiet forest, followed by the screams of birds and beasts running.

Night rose slowly from the bottom of the valley, and the sunlight was as thin as a lead gray fog net, cage the forest into a vast expanse of darkness.

Eva had caught at least twenty Coles and ten hares. She thought she was much better than Lucas.

But after meeting with Lucas, she was completely petrified. His prey was almost twice as much as hers. There was still some truck that couldn't accommodate them, so he didn't pick them up.

Lucas stared at the prey in her car expressionlessly. His eyes were even deeper than a bottomless ice pool. Although he did not show contempt and disdain, she guessed that he must be laughing at her in his heart.

In fact, Lucas was observing her marksmanship. He found that her anesthetic bullets were all shot on the prey's most important part. If the target was really a bullet, she would have died with a single shot. Her moves were not as good as bodyguards' but more like

ly. She twisted her wrist and tried to get rid of him, which attracted his attention,.

His fingers tightened and trapped her like an iron clamp. His eyes froze on her wrist. Suddenly, an unusual light burst out and fell on a small black mole on the back of her wrist.

He remembered very clearly that there was a mole on her arm, the same size and the same color.

He stared at her without a blink. His eyes became unfocused, and he seemed to feel that the figure under his body overlapped what he thought and thought. Indeed, except for the strange face and agile body, all the feelings that she brought to him were like the returning of Sophia.

"Sophia!" He murmured and lowered his head to kiss her.

Eva was dumbfounded. She stared at them with a pair of bigger eyes than a bronze bell. She wanted to struggle but couldn't move. She was like a lamb that had been slaughtered, waiting to be slaughtered.

She should have hated him, shouted for help, and tried her best to fight back, but she couldn't. Her heart, her brain, and her body, as if she had met the closest person, and she just wanted to cater to him.

She felt dizzy and her eyes were all over. She felt that she was floating in the air. She kept flying until she reached the deep clouds and got into the hot sun. The sun shone brightly all over her body and her heart was about to crack open. Her reason was completely destroyed and her sunk in the ice sea was released like a volcanic eruption.

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