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   Chapter 200 You Are Nobody To Me (Part Two)

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"Edward, will he be the king of H Country?" Curling her lips, it seemed that it was no use worrying that she would fall in love with Lucas before. (PS: the emperor has no right to take charge of politics in H Country. )

"The marriage of the royal family aims to serve the country. I don't have a choice. Sometimes I wish I could be a common people and I can pursue the love I want."

Eva didn't say anything but sighed. Life was so helpless that she couldn't be controlled by anyone, not even a princess!

"This is the last happy moment in my life. I must cherish it. Don't waste it." Daisy sat up on the bed and exclaimed.

The next day's early morning, Daisy got up. She wore a white dress with bright diamonds and a long cape with leopard tattoos. On her white wrists were roses, platinum and gold. The bracelets were of different styles and materials, and on her little finger wore a large red diamond ring with a large cross pattern, shining simple but gorgeous.

Then she turned to Eva and said, "Okay, let's call each other sister from now on. Remember, don't reveal my identity." Then, she was going to say hello to Lucas. Would he be shocked to see her?

When she was brought into the CEO's office by Minnie, he was shocked indeed.

"Your Highness, haven't you come back?"

"Your Highness is indeed back. Now, I am standing in front of you, carefully observing the facial expression on your face. Don't call me wrong." Daisy naughtily smiled and walked around in his big office. Then she returned to the desk and said, "I've passed the plan you gave to the queen. She also agrees with it. I'll hold a meeting with the officials."

"You're welcome." before she could finish her words, Daisy cut off his words. She shook her index finger and said, "it's daisy."

With a faint smile on his face, Lucas said, "Okay, it's Daisy."

Daisy smiled with her two charming dimples on her pink cheeks, "Mr. Lucas, would you like to be my tourist guide and guide me around recently? I've heard that there are many interesting places here. "


Daisy took out her phone. She had already searched on the Internet. Q City had a famous mountain called Strange Mount, which was the only place that she could go hunting. She would go to strange mount as soon as she arrived there.

To be honest, Lucas hated the mountain very much now, especially the mountain that killed Sophia. He really hoped that he could be a fool to flatten it directly. However, when he saw the face of Daisy's expectation, he could only accompany her.

He asked three servants to help carry the luggages and tents. He would take care of Daisy. So he took over Mary.

The car arrived at a small village at the border of Q City.

The dense forest around looked like a long, green wave that went on for dozens of miles, and a huge grey and gloomy mountain emerged. The shape of the mountain was very strange, and it looked obscure and obscure from a distance, as if a strange person was floating out of a green wave.

"Wow, this is Strange Mount." Daisy said with a smile.

The mountain road was narrow and steep. Fortunately, it was not difficult to go as it was windin

mely embarrassed. She got up and patted the dirt and hay on her hand. "Thank you, Mr. Lucas."

His face was expressionless, and his thin lips moved a little. He seemed to want to speak, but he stopped. Eva thought that he should have wanted to tease her, because she saw the mockery and contempt in his eyes, which were cold like two arrows. Just now she was blaming him and wanted him to protect her. How humiliating it was for her to be a royal bodyguard.

Others walked around her from flat paths.

Daisy's face was pale and her whole body was trembling. She was frightened, "oh my God! Your arm is bleeding!"

Eva turned her head and took a look at her arm. It was scratched. She had received the training from the devil before. She could feel the pain from it as usual. So she said, "it doesn't matter. You can apply some ointment." She shrugged and said softly.

Mary passed the ointment to her, applied some on it and put on a band aid.

Afterwards, everyone continued to walk up the mountain. With Lucas in the front, Eva thought it was necessary for her to apologize to him. So she quickened her pace and ran after him.

"Mr. Lucas, I'm sorry for what I said before. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You are just an outsider." He hardly turned his head to look at her. His voice was light as if feathers had fallen to the ground. However, to her, it felt much heavier than lead.

Was he trying to say that she was an outsider and had no right to talk about what happened between him and his wife, or he just wanted to say that she was an insignificant person who had no interest in him at all?

It was too profound to understand. 'Forget it. He is my enemy anyway. I don't have to cotton up to him and be friendly to him.'. Thinking of this, she turned around and walked back to Daisy.

Daisy's eyes fell on his back, and her face flushed with shyness. She was like a young girl in her first love. But she did never have a boyfriend before, and it was not allowed to fall in love secretly, unless the other party could be recognized by the queen. Her husband was the man when necessary.

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