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   Chapter 194 If I Have Another Life (Part Two) (Part Two)

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After Jerry left, he walked to the window and opened the curtains.

The plum blossoms in the yard blossomed. The garden was full of pleasant fragrance and rare jade. Some were as beautiful as rosy; some were as white as Shirley

Snow, as green as jade.

When a breeze blew, the snow floated and gently scattered on the path.

He seemed to see her beautiful figure again, running lightly in the plum forest. The graceful girl, Yun Shang, passed by the delicate branches, causing Jason flowers to break into pieces. Her flying footprints all the way collapsed, like the flying snow, flying the entire plum forest.

The good memories of the past, like the close ups in the movies, were rolling in his eyes. He reached out his hands, trying to grasp them. They were all broken, like blood bubbles, disappearing in the air.

A strong pain swept over his heart

Over the past three years, the pain had often attacked him. He felt as if lightening, floating and disappearing everywhere. Under such torment, he became dizzy, with his eyes wide open and his hands and feet cold, After she went through the pain, there was nothing but emptiness and loneliness in her eyes. He couldn't help but hold his head up, with his fingers deeply touched

And his thick black hair stuck in it.

Then he rushed to the bar counter searching for alcohol, trembling. He needed it to hypnotize himself.

He poured the bottle with her hand, and the wine flew out from it and spilled all over the floor.

The red was spreading like blood, deeply hurting his eyes.

That day seemed to be a moment, but it was like a lifetime.

Her smile, her tenderness, together with his happiness had all been drowned out and vanished.

At Crescent Bay villa.

Ellie was making John's favorite ginger and pork soup. Although she knew her cooking skills were far inferior to that of Sophia, she worked very hard on


"Where did you get this woman?" The mixed blood man asked with a frivolous smile.

The man's eyes narrowed, and the crowd immediately moved their lips.

Then the man introduced them to Eva. The girl was called Lily, who was good at using the name of blood consuming rose. She was ruthless and merciless. The Oriental man was called Marvin, the number one killer in East, who was shot by hundreds of thousands of people. It was said that no one could escape from his spear. The mixed blood man was called Judi, and he was a hacker. As long as there were Internet places, you could have everywhere. Many times of fighting with Kai was successful.

"From now on, Eva will take Rossi's place," The masked man said in a low voice.

"Two women make perfect match. As the saying goes, men and women work together." Marvin smiled.

Eva walked to an empty chair and sat down. This was the seat of the past Rossi.

"I have arranged Eva as her counselor when Princess Daisy visited K Country next week. You have to cooperate with her closely, and you must destroy the chance for Lucas to talk to her." The masked man said.

"Lucas thought that we could be even wiped out by those jerks. He looked down upon us." A wry smile appeared on Judi's face.

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