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   Chapter 193 If I Have Another Life (Part Two) (Part One)

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"Little beauty, you are really good at running!" His smile was ferocious and terrible.

"Who are you?" She took a step back and at last stood on the edge of the cliff. She looked down and found it was the bottomless abyss. If she fell, she would definitely be smashed to pieces.

The man took off the human skin mask on his face and revealed his bloodthirsty face.

It was Rossi!

He licked his lips.

"Lucas's wife is cool! It seems that Celina is just so so. "

He was the one who insulted Celina and framed Lucas!

"You are so despicable." She said through her teeth.

"You will like me soon!" His face was full of smiles. Knowing that she had nowhere to go, he was in no hurry and approached her step by step.

She held her body and moved backward slightly. A stone was kicked down and fell into the abyss.

She bit her lips. She would rather die than be insulted by this devil!

Determination flashed across her black eyes as he came to her.

Even if she died, she had to die with this bastard. It was not lonely with him accompanying her in the netherworld!

"Okay, let me play with you." She held him tightly, turned around and pounced forward. Both of them fell into the cliff.

At the waist of the hill, two figures who were falling at a fast speed flashed in front of Sara's eyes. "Don't, Mommy!" she fell to the ground, crying bitterly and sadly! She didn't remember how she got up. All she knew was to run desperately down the mountain

Cold wind was like sharp blade, whistling to Sophia's face. While dropping heavily, her previous beautiful memories flashed through her eyes like slides. There was the affectionate face of Lucas, his gentle eyes and charming smile, which were full of happiness, deep affection and love.

Goodbye, Lucas! In the next life, I will be your wife again!

She closed her eyes. A drop of tear fell down from the corner of her eye. It was blown away by the cold wind and turned into dust and disap

t to teach her lifetime unique skills. Of course, this matter was confidential to everyone, including Lucas. She had learned judo, and now she was in the dark. She wanted to be strong and protect the people she loved. She couldn't let any bad guys take them away anymore. She wanted to revenge for Sophia and send all the people who had hurt her to hell.

As time went by, Kami and Teddy gradually realized that their mother would never come back. At first, Lucas only told them that their Mommy would go out to act as before, but that she needed to go out for a long time until they grew up. But they were more mature, sensible than children of the same age and understood everything.

In the afternoon, Jerry came and reported the latest combat result to Lucas. All the snobbish organizations in a country had been eliminated. Now, in addition to the top leaders, the information of the gangs and their members had been clearly investigated by blood shadow. Lucas wanted to destroy them one by one and finally go straight to the point.

"The princess of H Country will arrive at Q City next week. Prepare for it for me." His next step was to remove their snobs in H Country. He wanted to work with the government of H Country and put pressure on them in business and politics. This must be done quickly.

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