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   Chapter 191 If I Have Another Life (Part One) (Part One)

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A few minutes later, John got drunk and his colleague drove him home.

Ellie hurriedly held him to the bedroom and lay him down. When she was about to pour him some water, he reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulled her back and fell into his arms.

"Don't go, don't leave me." He hugged her tightly.

"Yes." She replied in a low voice and blushed.

"I miss you so much that my heart hurts."

Ellie wrapped her arms around his neck and fell into his passion.

He said: "I love you, Sophia. I will never let you leave me again." His tone was soft, but like the cold air of Siberia made her heart was abruptly frozen. Heartbroken, she got injured. She wanted to push him away, but he didn't let her go. He stared straight at her. His burning eyes looked around her face as if he was looking for something. His eyes were covered with a layer of hazy light, as if they were floating in the mist. Ellie bit her lips, her chest oozing blood. Such an eye was always frightening for her, because every time she felt she was lost, the person he saw was not her.

In a fit of anger, she pushed him away with a brute force, and her eyes filled with tears. "John, look at me. I am Ellie, not Sophia!" She felt that her dignity had been trampled. From the very beginning, she was only Sophia's substitute. Why? It had been two years, and he hadn't forgotten her yet? Did he have a place for her in his heart?

"Ellie, you are Ellie. Where is Sophia?" asked John, blinking his eyes and having a strong sense of loss. He got up, stumbled over the room for her, and then fell back on the bed with a bitter smile. "She's missing. I lost her again. She's taken away by Lucas. She will never come back."

The resentment in Ellie's heart quickly rose and stuck in her throat. "John, tell me, have you ever loved me?" She could not control her voice. The stone in her throat was expanding and her voice was trembling.

John had already fallen asleep.

Ellie got dressed and ran out of the room in tears.

John didn't wake up until the next noon. He still had a vague impression of what happened last night, so he called Ellie to apo

nt to the park for a walk, she was hit by a bicycle. Due to the massive bleeding, she was in danger.

An hour later, the lights in the operating room were finally off. Celina was out of danger, but unfortunately, her baby had died too early.

When Celina woke up and knew that the baby was gone, she was heartbroken and almost collapsed.

Sophia wanted to go up and comfort her, but she didn't expect that Celina would be so sad when she saw Sophia. "The baby was gone. You must be happier than anyone else. I know that you all don't want her to be alive. None of you wants her to be alive. She was so young that she didn't open her eyes to see this ruthless and cruel father and left just like that! My poor child! Give my child back to me! "

As a matter of fact, Sophia was not feeling well. After all, it was a tiny life.

A few days later, the report of the paternity test came out that the child had no blood relationship with Lucas. Mr. Hou and his wife decided to keep it a secret from Celina, for fear that this blow would make her even worse and completely collapse.

The peace in the Bluewater Villa became intense. Again, Sara had a nightmare. In her dream, Sophia and the bad guy fell off the cliff together. She was here. She tried hard to catch them, but failed. The dream was clearer than ever. She saw the faces of the bad guys clearly. They were the Rossi who once threatened her and Linda.

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