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   Chapter 190 I Didn't Like Bad Women (Part Four)

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Updated: 2020-03-21 00:12

"That's why we have to advertise for public good, with so many conservative guys here." Ellie hugged the dog and stroked its head, trying to calm it down.

After he bandaged the dog, she grabbed his arm and helped him deal with his wound.

"Kevin, can you speak the better K language?"

"Because I once had a good teacher." He smiled, his deep eyes twinkling like gems in the light. He learned the K language from Ellie. After Ellie returned to the country, he had been studying hard. Now he had been able to remove the uncomfortable accent.

"By the way, why did you come to K Country?" Ellie gave him a band aid.

"Of course I'm here for my beautiful and charming Princess Ellie." A charming smile crept up on his face.

Ellie knew that he was joking. He had always been very humorous. "I will have a married woman." She stretched out her fingers to show him her engagement ring.

There was a flash of disappointment in Kevin's green eyes, but he soon put on a smile and replied in a joking tone, "He is a luck guy. I am so jealous of him."

Ellie chuckled, "well, let's get down to business. Are you going to make a show?"

Kevin nodded his head. He was going to shoot a series of ancient photos in the civilized country. As one of the most famous countries in the country, K Country was definitely in the first place.

Hearing this plan, Ellie was very excited. She has always wanted to shoot a documentary, and the documentary in K Country is much less than that in the United States.

"Kevin, may I join you?"

"Anytime." Said Kevin with a smile on his face.

The next day, Ellie invited Kevin to come to visit her family. At that time, Sophia and her three kids came to visit her. It was said that the director Ellie Mo was preparing for a new play again. The leading actress decided to have her second heroine, in case this forgetful guy gave her another role.

Seeing Kevin

nine out of ten men are bad. Only one single woman is fighting for the right to be my boyfriend. If a man doesn't take the initiative, will the woman take the initiative to seduce him! You didn't know I helped your brother to avoid other women. But I dared not relax my vigilance for a minute because my waist, back and leg were sore and aching. Last time when we were shooting in H City, something big happened. I regret it so much. I will act with you again, I must take him with me. "

His remarks sent a chill down Ellie's spine. She recalled how his female colleagues in his office exchanged glances with each other and how many female fans on his Weibo were pursuing him. God, even if she could win Oscar, she wouldn't go other places. As Sophia was right, she should be a good girl and stop being muddled. A relationship needed to be maintained, or else it would turn out like a rust.

That night, she went to John's apartment. But she hadn't come back yet. She prepared a candlelight dinner to surprise him.

However, by the time the candles were about to burn out, and John hadn't come back yet. She made a call to him, only to find that he was having dinner with his friends, and there was a lot of girl's laughter beside him, which made her very upset.

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