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   Chapter 188 I Didn't Like Bad Women (Part Two)

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Beck noticed that Lucas was so calm and sure, so he didn't know whom he should trust for a moment. However, he agreed with one thing that a paternity test must be done. After hearing his decision, Celina made her decision decisively. After all, there was a risk. If she didn't handle it well, her child would be damaged. She would go all out to do it after she was born. Beck's wife was on Celina's side, and she believed that Lucas wanted to pass the buck to her daughter. Her mother and daughter's alliance made Beck have no choice but to go back to D City directly.

Mr. Hou thought that so many evidences all pointed to Lucas. Her daughter would definitely not be wrong. If Lucas refused to take responsibility, let his wife make a decision. Therefore, she encouraged Celina to call out Miss Sophia.

Hearing that Sophia had mentioned the baby's father, Sophia was extremely shocked. Her heart and brain almost went blank. It was no wonder that she implied that Celina had a married husband and two sons last time!

She tried her best to maintain calm, which made her feel very painful, as if someone had stabbed her in the back. She had to pretend as if nothing had happened even if she was in great pain, letting the wound flow with blood. She used so much strength that she felt a dull pain in her chest.

"Miss Celina, I trust my husband. He would never do such a thing!" Her voice was like the undercurrent, heavy and slow.

Celina wasn't a stupid woman. Her only purpose for the time being was to make Lucas admit that he was the father of her child. If she embroidered too much, it would only annoy Sophia, which would be even more inconvenient for Lucas to accept her child. He loves you. He doesn't want you to know about this. He doesn't want to be responsible for my children either. He ignores me. I have no choice but to come to you. I don't want to destroy your family. I just hope that you can admit and accept my child. "

Sophia was expressionless, and her dark eyes were like a deep pool that could not be detected, which covered the surging undercurrent at the bottom of the pool. It was bleeding from her chest.

It didn't look like Celina was lying, and she couldn't make up the story.

t I left when I was still rational. I don't know what happened to Celina, but it has nothing to do with me." Lucas explained.

Confused, she asked, "if it weren't for you, why would the man have the same tattoo as yours?"

"This trap is very ingenious. That person must have been very clear to me, or have investigated me in secret. Celina knows this point and is certain that it is me. No matter how I explain, she won't believe me." Lucas sighed bitterly. He held her face and implored, "Sophia, you must believe me!"

She stretched out her arms and encircled his neck. With her eyes full of trust, she stopped looking at his face and said, "as long as you say no, I believe you. We must find the bastard, castrate him, and let him be a eunuch for the rest of his life. " She was outraged.

He looked at her with affection. He almost forgot that this woman was willing to share the wind and rain with him. No matter how strong the wind outside, she would always be able to stand by his side and fight with him, never giving up. And he would never fail her trust and love.

He sat on the sofa with one hand supporting the back of his head and the other holding her. After a long while of silence, she looked up and her thick eyelashes flickered. "Do you think that it was done by Rossi again?" The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was the style of the underworld. Sneaky, furtive, bold and always playing tricks behind the back. What a black sheep!

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