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   Chapter 187 I Didn't Like Bad Women (Part One)

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Seeing that Celina's face was about to turn two lumps of pork liver, Sophia pretended to scold Sara, "watch your mouth. Don't interrupt the adults. Eat your ice."

Sara then stuck out her tongue, scooped out a spoonful of ice mud and shut her mouth up.

"Miss Celina, the child is still naive. I hope you don't mind." She said apologetically, but in her heart she strongly agreed with Sara. It never occurred to her that Celina, a beautiful, smart and rich young lady, would be willing to be trampled by a shameless man.

Celina did not speak, and she was very depressed. She took several bites of the ice water to suppress her anger. "Mrs. Mo, if you find out that your husband has an affair one day, what will you do?"

"My daddy will never like bad women." Before Sophia could say anything, Sara interrupted, "if anyone dares to steal daddy from us, we'll ruin her face and make her look ugly. We won't dare to show up in front of Daddy."

Celina gasped. This girl was really a demon!

Shelly smiled as she fondled Ella's face. "You are right. Lucas never cares about those promiscuous women outside. So we don't have to worry." She looked at Sara, but she was speaking to Celina.

Looking at her confident appearance, Celina was a little unhappy. She really wanted to tell her directly that the baby in her belly was her husband's, and see if she could still smile.

She put her hands on her belly and said with a smile, "I want him to treat me well after the baby is born. I gave him a B-ultrasound examination yesterday. It's a girl. He always wants a daughter, but his wife has two sons. If he knows that he has a little princess, he will be very happy. "

Sophia threw a pitiful look, stubborn. She was nowhere to be found and wanted to give some advice. She said, "Miss Celina, why waste your youth on a man? There are many men in the world. You are a good girl and you should find someone who loves you very much. Moreover, you can find a man who know you. If your father sees his daughter is like this, he should be willing to spend the rest of your life with the man who doesn't love you and cares about you very much. He must be heartbroken. "

The smile on Celina's face fro

na's pregnancy.

Beck was so angry that his blood pressure almost burst out. He came to Q City with his wife and questioned Celina.

Stammered Celina. She told him about her relationship with Lucas.

Beck decided to have a talk with Lucas and check his attitude.

After explaining what happened that night to Beck, Lucas said: "Mr. Huo, I'm sorry for what I did to your daughter. I hope you can persuade your daughter to do the paternity test as soon as possible. Because you want to find out the person who insulted her and bring him to justice. And if I'm not mistaken, they set up a trap to stir up trouble between us and destroy the cooperation between ZW Group and L Company. "

He had asked Celina's maid, May, about whom she knew on the Internet. She had wanted to tell somebody that she was 28 years old, so she was above average age. Now that she had a boyfriend, but he refused to marry her. Then the girl told the story of the blind date water and introduced the matchmaker to her. When she ran to the old temple and found that there was really such a person, she was more convinced.

When May and her boyfriend drank water, they had the same reaction. May thought it was the magic marriage water and was very happy. Since the seventh year's Eve, her netizens had lost their contact and never been online again. Apparently, the man had his own ulterior motives. He started with her since he thought that she was simple minded and easily cheated.

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