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   Chapter 183 Get Away From Me (Part One)

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Holding Celina into the car, Celina felt the pain all the way. She was so scared that she couldn't help crying out.

"Am I going to lose my baby?"

Without saying anything, he just sped up and came to the hospital. He held Celina in his arms and rushed in.

In front of the pharmacy window, Mandy was accompanying her friend to get the medicine. Just in an instant, she saw her father, Lucas, holding her daughter in his arms. She was so scared that she almost came out of her wits. When she was about to rush over, the woman looked up and recognized that it was not her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but then became nervous. How could her son-in-law enter the hospital with a strange woman for no reason?

She hid behind a pillar nearest to them and peeped.

The doctor put Celina on the cart, and she grabbed the fate of his clothes. "Please, help our baby, please!"

Lucas was silent. He thought there was no need to explain to her.

Hearing this, Mandy's heart sank. My God, my son-in-law had a child with another woman! Seeing that they loved each other so much, she thought Lucas was different from those dissolute rich people. It turned out that they had the same temperament. Tears welled up in her eyes and she sighed. Why was Sophia's life so miserable? When she was a little girl, she had a hard time with her useless mother. Now she thought her life would be easy after she got married to a rich man. She didn't expect that the man would do bad things behind her.

If she had known that things would go on like this, she would have persuaded her to be with John. After all, she had known John since he was a little boy. He was pretty good except his mother. He was a dutiful and honest boy who loved her daughter unconditionally. Therefore, in order to save her daughter, he would definitely not mess around.

By the time she was crying, Celina had been pushed into the emergency room. Then he called her maid, May, and asked her to take care of Celina.

The doctor came out of the operating room very soon. This time, Celina's baby was successfully saved.

Seeing that she was fine, Lucas was

family was going to break up, what about three children!

So she changed the subject, "I just watched a TV play in the morning and got a little emotional. The heroine and the heroine lead a happy life. A woman, a coquettish fox, who is obsessed with a man's money, attempted to seduce that man without shame, which pissed me off." She patted her leg angrily. She really wanted to skin her and beat her tendons out to see if she dared to seduce a married man in the hospital.

Sophia laughed and patted her on the shoulder. She knew that her mother was a sentimental person who often cried loudly when watching TV series.

Taking a sip of the juice, Mandy went on, "I thought of you and Lucas. You know, Lucas is a good man. There must be a lot of women who try their best to put their hands on him. No matter how perfect he is, he is still a man. Sometimes, he may lose his mind and couldn't control himself, while the other women are very cunning. They are very good at playing cute and innocent. You can't just ignore them. "

"I know, mom." Sophia smiled and never let her guard down. She even stared at him closely, as if she were to see a scheming bitch with evil intentions.

Sara happily ran to Mandy. She grabbed her arm and shook them. "Grandma, don't worry. If anyone dares to steal daddy from us, we'll pull out all her hair and make her a face. Then she won't dare to go shopping in the future."

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