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   Chapter 182 Adapted To Each Other (Part Four)

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"You'll drink it soon. Go and get the kids out." She turned her head with a sweet smile, and he seized the chance to kiss her soft lips like a rose. She chuckled and gently pushed him away. "Be careful that the soup will be overcooked."

He turned around with resignation and went upstairs to call down the three kids.

Sophia made two bowls of soup. One was for her children, and the other was for Lucas.

"Sophia's soup is the best in the world." Sara tasted it from her tongue.

"Are you happy to have such a good Mommy?" Lucas asked with a smile.

The three kids nodded and turned to their father, asking in one voice, "are you happy to have such a good wife?"

"Yes!" With his thick eyebrows raised slightly and a bright smile on his face, Lucas was greatly relieved when he went back home and saw his considerate wife and three lovely kids.

In the evening, after coaxing Kami and Teddy to sleep, the couple sat on the sofa to watch TV with Sara. As usual, Lucas gave his arm to his wife as a pillow.

To be honest, before meeting her, he didn't have the habit of watching TV at all, or he didn't want to waste too much leisure time on TV. As for her, two of her favorite entertainments were watching TV and playing games. Watching TV was a kind of habit. The only amusement in the house was to watch two old TV. But it was enough. One night when she was tired, she turned on the TV and lay on the sofa to watch for a few minutes. Even if it was just an advertisement, her mood would be brightened up and all her fatigue would disappear.

It had become a habit that she couldn't get rid of. Every night, only after she leisurely watched a TV or an entertainm

p and hugged him from the back. "Are you treating the woman who has your child in this way?"

"Did you forget to take medicine today?" Lucas removed her hands, turned around and looked at her coldly. "I tell you, Celina, my patience is limit. You'd better keep a distance from me, or I will teach you the same lesson whether you are pregnant or not!"

"Lucas, you are such a cold-blooded man! Don't you even care about your own child? " Celina was exasperated.

With a cold light even more hideous than a blade flashing in his eyes, he said, "Celina, your child is not mine, so I have no right to deal with it. If it were me, you would have been lying on the operating table. I don't want people and things that I don't want, and no one can force them in."

His words were a huge shock to her. With a pale face, Celina held her stomach, took two steps back in panic, and accidentally stumbled to the isolation rack on the ground, falling to the ground.

She felt a sharp pain in her belly. She put her hands on her belly and groaned on the ground. "Lucas, my stomach hurts. Take me to the hospital, please."

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