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   Chapter 180 Adapted To Each Other (Part Two)

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The sky began to burn.

The boat stopped in mid air. The sunset coated it with a golden halo, making its art particularly eye-catching. "Ellie, marry me!"

The words, made up of blue enchantress, were like a clear blue starry sky.

The crowd began to cheer.

After that, John walked up to Ellie, got down on one knee, and then showed her a shining diamond ring. "Ellie, come home with me. I can be your layman when you're tired, and I can be your back when you're sleepy. When it's cold, I'll be your coat, if it's raining, I'll be your umbrella. I promise, I will give you only happiness, without tears and pain. "

Both of Ellie's cheeks were as red. Her eyes were full of tears and her long eyelashes were fluttering slightly. Two teardrops were hanging on her eyelashes and shining in the setting sun. Her eyes were full of excitement and her red lips trembled with excitement. For a moment, she couldn't speak and just nodded desperately.

John put the ring in her middle finger, picked her up and spun in the air. His face was full of joy and ecstasy. Applause and blessings rang from all directions. No one knew that what he looked at was not his fiancee in front of him, but his childhood sweethearts.

The woman stood in the crowd, with tears in her eyes. She felt the happiness of seeing John as if she had obtained her own happiness. Lucas patted her on the shoulder and thought, "John is really something. No wonder he was so devoted to Sophia. Now that he has married his little sister, she must have given up on Sophia."

Several classmate of high school discussed in private.

"Gosh, things change. Our popular couple have become my brother-in-law and sister-in-law."

"Yes. I thought they couldn't be separated by the end of the world."

"Who do you think dumped first?"

"Perhaps it is because of that Sophia has broken up with John and she felt sorry for that, so she introduced her sister-in-law to John."

The night breeze blew softly and let the words fall into Lucas's ears. He lowered his head and whispered in the ear of Sophia, "your classmates are quite gossipy."

"I actually heard it as well. But it doesn't matter. Let others talk and we go our own way," she thought.

On the weekend, Ellie took John back to the Maud Villa.

you are going to be a mother."

"Shouldn't you congratulate yourself?" At this point, she was on the verge of breaking down. Lucas's indifferent attitude infuriated her. Apparently, he wanted to pass the buck.

Lucas was shocked. He had already understood what she meant and felt it unreasonable. "Miss Celina, today is not April Fool's day. I hope you are not kidding. You should look for the father of the child."

With anger, Celina grabbed the document from the desk, dropped it on the floor, and howled, "don't you think I'm that kind of woman who slept with other men casually?" I haven't had sex with any other men except you these days. You can deny the child, but I will definitely give birth to it and tell it that its father is a man with no sense of responsibility. "

A cold light flashed in his eyes. He stood up from the chair. If she hadn't been pregnant, he would have kicked her away. Nobody dared to make him a father.

"You'd better find out what's wrong with your stomach, Celina. I have no time to be mad with you!" His sharp and cold eyes scared Celina. She didn't understand why he refused to admit it. Did he forget everything happened that night? All of a sudden, she felt so desperate and helpless. As soon as she sniffed, tears fell from her eyes. "Do you think I am the shameless woman? Do you think I'll go to bed so easily? I have only two men. One is my ex-boyfriend, we have broken up for two years. The other is you. The baby thing is so important. How could I talk nonsense? "

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