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   Chapter 178 It's A Pity (Part Four)

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Sophia raised her head and saw the first letter of L. She recognized this letter on every tissue. Her heart began twisting violently. She picked up the black tea on the table and took a sip to calm herself down. Suddenly, her phone rang and it was from Kami. He asked when she and Sara would go back, she immediately stood up and said goodbye to Celina. She didn't want to stay here any longer.

As soon as she returned to the Bluewater Villa, she rushed into the coatroom of Lucas, searching for the exactly same pocket towel. She wanted to find it, but she still couldn't find it after rummaging all the drawers and wardrobes.

Where is it going? Where on earth did it go?

"Mrs., what are you looking for?" Rose stood at the door and looked at her strangely.

"Lucas has a pocket kerchief with black and white stripes. Do you know where it is?" Rose had been in charge of his coatroom for a long time. She had put all his things in the storage room. She knew clearly that he had put them back and used them in the hospital. She was more skillful than this confused wife.

"The one Mr. Mo used at the dinner party last time, but he lost it." said Rose. She had asked him about it a few days ago. "Recently, Mr. Mo has been in low spirits. His evening clothes was brought back a few days ago." said Rose with a sigh.

As if being hunted heavily by a heavy sniper, she felt her legs weak and almost unable to stand up. "You said the party would be the day before I came back from the filming?"

"It's that day." Rose nodded.

"When did he come back that day?" Her voice was weak.

"He just came back the next morning. I was worried that he might be in danger because of the rain. He used to call me before he came back."

Without saying a word, Sophia waved her hand and went out silently.

She remembered that on the day when s

nd walked out of the room. She was agitated. She didn't want to see him or talk to him anymore.

In the amusement park on the third floor, Sara was playing on the children's slide.

She walked in, forced a smile and said, "let's play boxing, shall we?" Her heart was filled with sadness, anger and desperation. She just wanted to find a way to vent.

"Okay!" Sara smiled and nodded.

The two were so happy that they clapped their hands, wanting to be the judges.

Playing a game was indeed a good way to release her anger. She had already taken the opponent on the screen as Lucas. With left hooked fist, right hooked fist, horizontally leg, circling Son of a bitch! How dare you beat me up! You asked me to lie to me, to hook up with other guys, to betray me and to cheat on me.

"Mommy, you are so fierce today!" Sara was a little overwhelmed.

Without hearing what she had said, all her attention was on the screen. Her fingers pressed the handle hard, and her anger and hatred were immense. In the end, she got to her feet right away and violently threw the handle onto the wall!

With a click, the game handle broke off. Everyone in the room was scared. Sara's mouth wide open. She was unable to utter a word.

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