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   Chapter 177 It's A Pity (Part Three)

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Sophia pinched her face, pretending to be angry. "Don't talk nonsense. Be careful of your spanking. John and I are good friends, understand?"

"Of course I know." She pouted her lips and said, "but he is still ex-boyfriend and childhood sweetheart."

John walked to her and touched her head, "are you worried that I will take your mother away from your daddy?"

"I don't care. They are married." With her big blue eyes blinked twice, she said, "I'm more worried about whether you will marry my aunt. If you don't marry her, I won't be able to live as a flower boy."

It looks like this naughty girl is forcing me to get married. He thought. In fact, he had considered about it too. If he had to marry someone, Ellie would be the best. On the one hand, he liked her but had no feelings for her. On the other hand, as a member of Mo family, he didn't need to find a lot of excuses to meet her later.

He scraped Sara's nose and said, "don't worry. I've already proposed to your aunt."

"That's great!" Sara was so happy that she clapped her hands, and then took John out of the kitchen. She wanted to give him advice on making the most romantic proposal to Auntie. However, before they had the result, Sophia had already prepared a wonderful birthday party.

She took out the cake, lit the candles and sang the birthday song together. John made a simple wish of celebrating his birthday. He only hoped that she could accompany him to spend the festival on each year.

She cut the cake and was about to start it when the doorbell rang. Sara looked out from the cat's eye and found it was Ellie.

When she walked into the house, she saw that there were only two people, John and Sophia by the round table. She looked a bit unnatural. Then she glanced at the birthday cake in the middle and was slightly surprised. "Who is going to celebrate birthday today?" she asked.

"John." Sara tilted her head and looked at her. With puzzlement in her eyes,

very nervous. "It's my boyfriend. He left it on the bedside. I put it on the sofa when I saw him and reminded him to take it away. But he still forgot it," she explained. After she finished speaking, she spread out the pocket towel on her legs, and slowly folded it up.

Now, she recognized it. She remembered that it was exactly the same as Lucas's. No wonder it looked familiar to her. Most of Lucas's stuff were customized and it could hardly be the same.

Sophia's heart trembled. What a coincidence?

Without a blink, Celina seemed to be observing something. But Sophia controlled herself very well, and her expression was as calm as water, without showing any emotions.

With a little disappointment in her heart, Celina turned to Sara. "Did you have a good time going to sea with your daddy?"

Sara nodded.

Celina smiled gently. "Next time, let's hang out together, okay?"

Sara didn't say anything and just stared at her. She didn't want any irrelevant outsider to come.

"Celina is joking with you. If she has time, she will definitely go with her boyfriend."

Sara sighed, deliberately picking up a pocket towel and swinging it in her hand. "I want to, but unfortunately, he is a busy man. Every time he comes and goes in a hurry, he doesn't have much time to accompany me."

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