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   Chapter 174 Is It Also My Fantasy (Part Four)

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"However, she seems to be quite persistent. It is estimated that she will compete with Jenny." Minnie pursed her lips. At the thought of Jenny's entanglement like a giant vine, she smacked her tongue. In order to deal with her, it took her a lot of brains and all kinds of roundabout tactics.

Lucas sighed, "in addition to my wife, you and Tina are the safest women of the right age in the world."

"Of course." Minnie chuckled, "no matter how charming you are, you are always a man, not a dish of Tina and me."

"You are right." Lucas shrugged.

Minnie squeezed a glass of orange juice for him. "To be honest, I'm not good at dealing with this kind of thing for you. In the past, Sophia in the president's office was just so awesome. She could find various excuses and never repeat them."

Lucas laughed. It was true that no one could match ye Sophia's ability to avoid other women for him, but he didn't want to disturb her on this matter. "It's ok if you want to ask my wife for advice. Forget the rest."

Minnie was instructed to leave with a smile.

When it came to Sophia, Lucas suddenly missed her and made a phone call.

Sophia was taking Sara to hang out the Central Park. It would be John's birthday in two days. She wanted to choose a birthday gift for him.

However, she didn't know what to send?

"Sara, what kind of birthday gift do you think we should buy for uncle John?"

"Mommy Sophia, aren't you uncle John's ex-girlfriend and childhood sweetheart? Don't you know what he likes? " Sara tilted her head in surprise.

Sweating wildly, Sophia knocked on her head and said, "I know what he likes, but I can't give the same gift every year, just as you like to play games. Does Mommy Sophia give you games every birthday?"

"You're right. Let's give uncle John something he needs." Sara put her finger at the corner of her mouth. Her blue eyes looked around the square for a

ncomfortable she felt. After she separated from ye Sophia, she immediately sent a threatening message to Lucas, "your coat is still here. If you don't want to take it by yourself, I will give it back to Mrs. Mo for you."

After a long time, Lucas replied the message, "I'll go to pick it up at noon tomorrow."

Celina was very happy. She got up early and dressed up well. She also asked May to make a rich lunch.

At noon, Lucas did come.

Celina greeted him with a smile, reached out to hold his arm, and was thrown away by him. "Miss Celina, our relationship is limited to business, I hope you can understand." His expression was as cold as iron, and his tone was as indifferent as Liam. He pushed her whole body into the ice hole, and all her enthusiasm was frozen.

"Are you worried about your wife? Well, I can bear not to disclose our relationship, and secretly contact. " She decided to give in and defend for the attack.

A hint of mockery flashed in Lucas's eyes. He thought that she would be a sober and rational woman with a good education, but he didn't expect that she would be as vulgar as other women. "Miss Celina, I'm just here to take my coat, not to discuss illusions with you."

"Fantasy?" Celina sneered, "was that night also my fantasy?"

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